68 thoughts on “Before I Left After I Got Back

  1. I was really surprised when I woke up to so much snow this morning! I was happy it melted by afternoon. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I was surprised also. The forecast before I went to bed was rain in the early evening and then clearing by midnight. We had nearly 4 inches of snow when I got up. I stuck to everything. Thanks, Susan.

  2. Wow – that was a surprise storm, Tim! So far we are escaping snow in March this year. Daffodils are at their peak now, with greenery busting out all over. Rick got out the lawn mower yesterday.

  3. Stunning photos. Reminds me of living in Northern Arizona. After a dusting, temps would sometimes increase rapidly, and then, presto, no more snow. Was not like that, however, when blizzards came through.

  4. Tiny tree in the 7th shot looks like it’s centered at the mouth of a cave. Neat. That bush really perked up in the last shot. I’m curious which species these wicked, pretty trees are. Their barks appear to be the same.

  5. That’s just crazy!
    Interesting, because it’s been nuts here, as well. I mean magic trees transmit a lot of info.
    My internet has been a disaster.
    Offline a lot. Sent a special mail! xx

  6. PS
    These before and afters are good for a PBH / AGMs story. Grabbing them now, so I don’t have to look when the time comes! I’ve got a nice stash in the trees folder. Thank you!

      • Okay, let me know if I make an error.
        1. Dale’s Peach
        2. Resa’s
        3. Shey’s
        4. Gigi’s
        5. Marina’s
        6. Gigi’s & ????
        7. ????
        8. Rebecca’s bamboo

      • Gigi has the cottonwood to the right of your tree. It’s in most of the photos of the sunrises. That’s the only tree she has. The plum tree is now Charlotte’s, Susan and Teagan have cottonwoods along the south side of the property, Tiffany has a tree on the eastern edge of the property and Gabriela has the cottonwood behind Gigi’s tree. Lavinia has the young cottonwood east of the bamboo. Nancy has the nectarine.

      • The fist pick has Dale’s Peach on the left, Charlotte’s plum on the right, There are unclaimed apple trees and Nancy’s nectarine behind the peach and plum trees.

        The second photo is your tree. The third photo is Tiffany’s tree, and the fourth photo is Gigi’s tree.

        The fifth photo is Marina’s pear tree. The sixth photo from right left is Lavinia’s tree, Susan and Teagan’ trees, and Gabriela’s tree hidden behind Gigi’s tree with is on the left.

        The 7th photo is Lyn’s Chatalpa tree behind the arch, and the last photo is Rebecca’s Black Bamboo.

  7. Your blog has become one that my IPad wants a full details check before every comment, do you have any askimet settings on it to spam comments? I donโ€™t understand why this keeps happening?

    • It does have askimet as the default spam filter. WP can be weird. I can’t comment on a lot of blogs directly. I have to comment through the Reader. Thanks, Charlotte,

  8. At first I thought you had some kind of frost filter on your camera .. and I wanted one. Turns out it was just nature doing its thing. Very cool series of contrasting shots.

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