I’m A Lobo Lunatic

Video of Mosby singing with my accompaniment. I added footage of wolves playing in the snow.

A few days before Christmas, Tristan asked if I had any extra guitar cases for acoustic guitars. I had a gig bag I told her she could have. The next day she said she didn’t need the gig bag after all because the guitar they were going to give to Craig’s nephew for Christmas was broken. I told her I’d donate a guitar for them to give him for Christmas. Of course, that meant I needed to replace the guitar. A few weeks before Christmas, Marina “adopted” a wolf for us at the Wolf Conservation Center in New York as a gift. His name is Mosby. When I was looking for a replacement guitar I remembered that Luna made a Wolf guitar. I found a Luna Wolf Guitar and ordered it.

The Wolf Conservation Center sent a video of Mosby howling with two other wolves who are off-camera. I recorded music to Mosby’s howling in the video yesterday using a jazz guitar and my 7-string guitar for the rhythm guitars. As luck has it, my Luna Wolf Guitar came in today, and the full Wolf Moon rose tonight. When I got home from work, I recorded a track with the wolf guitar and replaced the jazz guitar track with the track I played on the Wolf guitar. Then I went out to the river and photographed the Wolf Moon rising.

The Lobo Lunatic playing the Luna Wolf Guitar with the Wolf Moon rising behind him.

A full view of the Luna Wolf Guitar. It has Rosewood back and sides and the collage on the top is made with Rosewood, Zebrawood, Paduk, Bird’s Eye Maple, Koa, and Flame Maple. The neck markers are the moon phases with the full moon at the 12th fret. It has Fishman electronics and a built-in tuner. It’s a really beautiful guitar. It plays well and sounds great.


70 thoughts on “I’m A Lobo Lunatic

  1. Oh my, Tim! Ths music with Mosby howling is wonderful.
    Those moon shots with you and your stunning guitar are outstanding.
    Just. Wow.

  2. Ah… the Man, the Moon and Mosby (and friends): crazy wonderful, all of it! I love the video with your music. Sounds brilliant with the wolf gtr. Have you sent it to the WCC? Guitar is gorgeous and of course painter couldn’t be away for the occasion!

  3. Oh my word you did so much work last night.
    Of course it was full moon and i never seen any of it.
    My room is on the wrong side of the sky to observe the moon at night.
    Mobsy has a musical howl, …lol.
    That’s a great conservatory you are working with, they are so helpful.
    Makes me kind of sad now, for missing out on the glory of a full moon. Your moon skies are otherworldly.
    What a great looking guitar. I love the wood. I wonder how a jazz piece would come through.

    Awesome post Timothy

    • Thanks, abvr. The guitar would work for jazz. You need to make an effort to walk out of the house to see the moon.

      • You welcome…
        Lol, of course i do make the effort, and I always have gone outside to look at the moon.
        It’s a little different now.

  4. That is one gorgeous guitar you got there, wow! My electrics have scorpions on them .. now thinking wolves would be a nice addition (“Linda, can I get another g..” “NO!”)

  5. That is a stunning guitar…a work of art. I enjoyed the video—great guitar music, and along with the vocals provided by your wolf sounded better than today’s canned music. And that moon. Wow!

  6. This is awesome. You and Mosby had a great duet going on there. Also, that guitar is a work of art! It is just stunning!
    I am learning a lot about astronomy from your blog. I had never heard of a wolf moon or a beaver moon until I read your blog.

    • Thanks, JYP. I’m happy you liked the duet. The guitar is really art. The moon has a name each month. February is the Snow Moon. Sometimes there is not a full moon in February. When that happens The February moon is a Black Moon.

    • It’s like “Not Eeeeven!” You’ll have to give it a good strumming next time you are at the house. Thanks, Craig.

  7. Amazing.
    Wolf singing is the best. Janis Joplin was a wolf singer, if you know what I mean.
    Go with the feel.
    I love wolves.
    I believe if I went into the wild, wolves and lions and all beasts would love me.
    Norm says …. not!
    I say … yeah!
    The guitar is fabulous… wow!
    You look pretty cool with that guitar.
    Wonderful all around.

      • I do know how to run with the pack. Part of my early background is just that.
        The guitar is beautiful… gorgeous!

  8. You have no idea how much I enjoyed this one, Tim! I used to volunteer at a wolf sanctuary out in the desert, it was an amazing experience to be so close to wild animals!

    • Thanks, Tiffany. We have a wolf sanctuary in NM but it way out in the middle of nowhere. It’s really difficult to volunteer if you have a regular job.

  9. Timothy, You have a wolf as a pet at home?? ❤️ A music is so good and wolf sound so great. You are not only a good photographer, a good compositor also 💖 I always wanted a wolf to have as a friend.

    • Hi Marinela (is that right?). The wolf is in a wolf sanctuary. If I had a wolf at home, I would post lots of photos of it. We only have cats, birds and a snake. Thanks.

      • I remember that snake newer bite me, Tnx God. There are a lot of them at fathers land in West Herzegovina. When I was at father country house 2020, walking with dogs I was stand 10 centimetres from a large snake. Because I was picturing I didn’t notice her. I was still and watching a nature so after she moved to evening rest, she slowly moved her body in a stone hole I realised that she didn’t attacked me. I loudly thank her “thank you snake because you didn’t bite me” 🤗 It was vipera ammodytes, mostly seen snake there.

      • Snakes are not normally aggressive unless they feel threatened. The vipera ammodytes, also know as the horned viper, long-nosed viper, and sand viper, are large snakes with highly toxic venom making them very dangerous snakes.

      • Yes I know. I spent every school summer holidays at village so parents and grandparents told me so. We have a ambulance injection help against those snakes but unfortunately there is a lot of tragic cases of stupidity. My father is having antidote in the ampoule, prepared at country house, as emergency help for a him or dog if happens something like that. If those snake bite you, you have max 1 hour to get antidote.

      • We have all kinds of rattlesnakes that can deliver deadly bites. We have one antivenim now that covers almost all species of rattlesnakes. They also have a rattlesnake vaccine for dogs so if dogs are bitten, which is quite common, the bite isn’t as life-threatening for the dogs. You can meet a Diamondback rattlesnake at https://wp.me/p1yQyy-1rZ. Diamonback rattlesnakes’ venim is not super toxic, but they are such large snakes, they can deliver large amounts of venom, which makes them deadly. They are commonly well over 2 meters long, big and heavy-bodied snakes.

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