Doggonit Santa’s a Jerk!

Santa is one sick, silly dude. He gave me a blue My Little Pony for Christmas. I’m trying to decide if I was naughty or nice (most likely naughty), to deserve this Shocking Blue pony. A Brony I’m NOT! Tristan has a name for her that I’m not going to publish here. Miss Shocking Blue is kind of cute and will probably end up in future posts and videos.

The painter took Christmas off. We had a colorless (gray) Christmas morning.

Jake waiting to open his Christmas present. Sasha is giving him kitty Mad Dogs.

The moon through a veil of clouds.

Tristan embroidered this amazing tiny portrait for Spunk for Laurie.

Tristan’s beautiful Bearded Dragon, Donny, made an appearance for Christmas.

68 thoughts on “Doggonit Santa’s a Jerk!

  1. A blue My Little Pony for Christmas…?? Seriously…?? What is the world coming to? They should give you a Porsche or another fast car at least…

  2. Oh… what a Christmas scene!!!!
    Now that was a Christmas full of joy and smiles!
    As for the …pony… I’m sure it’ll find its way in your inspirations one way or another and I look forward to that! 😉

    • Thanks, Maj & Sher. We are amazed by Tristan’s embroidery of Spunk. Such a sweet and tiny likeness. How’d Santa treat you two?

  3. We are now the proud owners of one of those “digital picture frames”. The kids can send us (via an app) pictures that show up in the frame, then they rotate in a slide show format. Our son who lives with us got it set up, and it’ so much fun.

  4. The painter did a fine job in shades of blue and grey. The blue unicorn is kind of cute!

    30 degrees and 1 1/2 inches of snow this morning. I caught a glimpse of he moon in last quarter through a thin spot in the clouds.

  5. Tristan really captured Spunk’s personality. It sounds like you had a fun Christmas. When I saw the thumbnail image of the Pretty Pony unicorn in my Reader, I couldn’t imagine what you were going to post. LOL. Yes, I have no doubt it will be back. 😀 Hugs on the wing!

    • Thank you! I had forgotten how much I love embroidering until I decided to make embroidery gifts this year. The Spunk portrait was definitely most involved cause he’s such a recognizable cat! I’m glad it came through! ^_^

  6. There is no way there is NO story linked to that My Little Pony…
    Tristan is so talented! Wonderful embroidery of Spunk!
    The painter may have taken the day off but the sculptor was definitely present. Those clouds are great.
    Jake is patient and Donny is really lovely

    • The only story I know is that Santa’s got a twisted sense of humor. Tristan’s embroidery is great. Thanks, Dale.

    • WordPress hates me so if this posts twice, sorry:

      The Pony Story:

      Santa was influencing stocking shopping and got in an argument with my mom that he wanted to get Tim a my little pony for the stocking, so I received a photo of a shelf full of various colored unicorn ponies and my mom saying she was telling Santa ‘no’. I responded, are you kidding, you can’t say no to Santa! Which started the whole thing. So Santa went a little wild and got some ponies.

      My best childhood friend and I used to play with MLP a ton, and even fight over our favorite ones. So I texted her and let her know Santa got my dad a pony for his stocking, and she charged me with reporting back on his reaction when he opened it.

      So yesterday I opened my stocking first and had one as well, which was great and I could barely contain my laughter. Then we got Tim to open his stocking, and when he found the pony his unfiltered reaction was to growl! we all lost it laughing. THEN there was another bag from Santa for my mom, and as she’s looking at it suspiciously, SANTA HAD GOTTEN HER A PONY TOO. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time, and it was a great epic tale of Santa spreading a bit of stocking chaos. Always great.

      And that, Dear Dale, is the story of the pony ^_^

      Thank you for the compliments on my embroidery! This year was a handmade gifts kinda year. I haven’t actually embroidered in about 8 to 10 years but it looks like I managed to still get it! 😀

      • I just rescued your comment from spam. If you did a second one it my be there also. I need to go through about 70 more spammed comments to see which ones are legit. Thanks for telling Dale the story.

    • Hahaha! Love it, Tristan! I am giggling along with you all.

      And handmade gifts are such a wonderful thing. You really did a great job. It totally looks like spunk!

    • No! Seious gift from Santa. Santa has a sorry sense of humor. If Santa left you anything that will prove my point.

      • Santa was jerking you around, also. Are you testing for covid? Suzette got covid, so she and BiL had to skip Xmas. Tristan and her tribe were sick the first of the week but they tested negative for covid. The had covid last year and have been shot and boosted, they only got colds and flu.

      • That’s a heck of note.If you’ve been vaxed, the systems shouldn’t be too bad if it is covid. Suzette is vaxed, but not boosted and she said it’s more like a cold with light flu.

      • Did you see my Sunrise Sinking Sunrise post from Friday? It my cheer you up a bit if you’re feeling bad.

  7. I love your Little Pony. I have a feeling that this is a symbol for sky (ie blue)! By the way, I was on the NORAD Santa watch and I saw him touch down at your place!!!

      • Yes I did! Santa Claus and I have been best friends for many years. After all, he is Canadian!!!! He told me that you and Laurie are on top of his nice list. He said that the kitties kept him up to date on important events. The kitties especially liked your song, “Happy As A Cat” – especially the purring in the introduction, interludes and the ending.

  8. Oh its so difficult to write here on a hot hot blog. i just scrolled back to look at the pics again and lost my entire comment….blimey

    In a nutshell then,
    FC is a gentleman,
    He obviously chose wisely from all i want for christmas list dropped off by Timothy.

    Wishing you many happy moments with blue and pony-writing.
    Looking forward to all those stories….giddiup!!!

    Have a lovely goodwill day.

      • You are most welcome Timothy
        Yes, tell me about it. When i scrolled up the page refreshed itself, and so lost my original…infuriating indeed

    • I would trade you, but when you get tonight’s post you will see that the MLPs are playing with the cats. Thanks, Holly.

  9. Wow, that is one impressive sparkle pony you got there Tim. Apparently I was a good boy this year and didn’t get THAT from Santa this year ha! Tell Tristan nicely done on the needlework – Spunk is clearly amazed at the detail. Kudos to Jake on his present etiquette – it looked like a paper hurricane hit our living room when our pups spotted the presents under the tree.

    • Thanks, Brian. I had broken down all the boxes before we set presents out, so out dance room looks well organized, even after opening presents.

  10. As cute as Jake looks waiting to open his present, he’s got nothing on the embroidery of Spunkie-Poo 💋. Embroidery… another fading art craft! I love it. Tristan did great!
    Seems I’m not the only one smitten with Spunkie-Poo’s 💋 good looks!

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