76 thoughts on “Morning Moon Calling

    • I guess I’ll find out. Up into the mid 70s or so, when they started deregulating telecommunications, calling Bernalillo 10 miles north of us was a long distance call. It really sucked when friends moved to Placitas 20 miles away. Thanks, Brian.

    • You had a cold conversation with the clouds calling? When we moved the office I put our phone system on a cloud. Now it’s calling all clouds. I don’t have a phone on my desk anymore. My office phone is on my iPhone. The few times I get a legitimate call at the office (most calls are phone salesmen asking for Teem), if I need to get another staff member in on the call, all I have to do is walk to that person’s office, put the phone and speaker and converse. No more putting people on hold and paging the other staff member. Thanks, Dale.

      • I ended up conversing more with the noon clouds. They were more giving.
        Hey. I’m a receptionist in a company. I get maybe 10 calls per week, 8 of them are the wrong number…

      • You don’t geet the telecommunication salesmen? We get lots of those. We also get a lot of calls with no one there, and a lot of “Don’t hang up…” recordings. Which are usually hung up before the recording gets to the up. We get very few legitimate calls.

      • I think the people that call us don’t care who they are calling. When we were downtown, our old phonesystem had been long paid for, and I had dropped the service contract and maintained the system myself. I would get calls form sales dudes who said they could save me money by replacing our current phone system. I would ask how spending $15k was going to save me money? They would say the their system with their service contract would be a lower monthly cost than our service contract. I would say impossible. And they would say they guaranteed they could give us lower monthly payments. A really dumb thing to say if you don’t have all the info. I would ask what if we don’t have monthly payments? They would try to argue that we had to have monthly payments. I didn’t know what I was talking about, etc. I would tell the phone system is paid off and I don’t have a service contract. When they finally got that through their thick heads they were dumbfounded. I tried to get a few to send me a contract with a gautantee they would give me lower payments than what I had. They weren’t quite that stupid.

      • I work tech support in a call center for a few months in 1999/2000. It was horrible.

  1. When phone salesmen are calling and asking for “Teem,” I assume they’re asking for you. I probably would reply there is no “Teem” here. It only works long as you don’t say, “This is Tim.” 🙂

    They must be the bane of your existence.

    • Better yet when the caller ID says “Tucumcari NM” late at night. The only one I know (knew) someone in Tucumcari, it was Lee Van Cleef (Col Douglas Mortimer) getting off the train in “A Few Good Dollars.”

      • Is Tucumcari on Route 66?

        Anyway, if Lee Van Cleef was in a movie in modern day Tucmcari, I would imagine he’d be dressed in black, stepping out of a black car with black helicopters flying overhead … sort of like his character in “Escape From New York.”

      • Yes it is near the Texas border. In the movie it’s a white village in Almería, Spain. Modern Tucumcari is pretty run down.

      • I’ve been through Tucumcari many times and only stopped for gas. It looks like a good place for photos of old rundown buildings and a bit of left over Route 66 landmarks.

  2. Thanks for recording your wonderful conversation with the Moon and presenting it to us. The sky is just GLORIOUS! Ethereal and stunning! Love the plethora of colours.

  3. Nice pictures. I think I like seeing moon in the morning than at night. The light in sky isn’t too dark as at night or during sunset. I guess it is a bit more cheerful feeling than the night time.

  4. I loved this gorgeous sunrise, Timothy. Your photos and conversation are wonderful. I was outside in that dawn too, found the moon with its shadow especially intriguing.

    • Dawn is a wonderful time to be out, although it’s really could in the mornings now. Thanks, Jet.

  5. Tim, the opening shot is brilliant!
    Is that Gi’s tree in the centre, or Shey’s?
    I think my tree is on the left in pic #5… with Gi’s tree on the right?

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