Sunday’s Mix

How many ways are there to skin an onion with a cat?

Goose balls?

Flight paths.

Spunk mad dogging the dog.

The dog

49 thoughts on “Sunday’s Mix

  1. He he he.. nice take on the many ways to skin a… an onion, of course! The geese do look like balls! What a great shot with both the plane and the cranes… Spunk don’t look too impressed… and dogs. They will always be dogs!

  2. Great shot of the cranes and trail and of course I now cannot look at another resting goose and not think about balls. Tell Spunk he is going to lose my favorite cat status if he doesn’t stop harassing the dog!

    • Amazing wonderful photography. Animals can do this to you. Look at all your funny attachments.
      How do you come up with all those wordy ideas?

      Are those dragonflies….wow that’s a beaut of a pic.
      And those kitty eyes are just too spunking cute.

      Great collection

    • He only mad dogged the dog. When Jake went out with Laurie, Spunk skedaddled to a safer place where he couldn’t see said dog. Thanks, Brian.

  3. I enjoyed the photos, Tim, especially the geese and planes today. I am surprised Spunk is sitting on the same table as the onions. Our kitties find them very stinky. That looks like a nice healthy orchid he is resting his toes on. Phalaenopsis?

    • Hi Lavinia. That’s Sasha sitting by the orchid. I have no idea what type it is. Sasha was too busy chewing on her belly to notice the onions.

  4. omg Ollie does the same thing licking her belly and the hair comes out but seems ok. you look like me with the cat on the counter cooking.. 🤣 doesn’t bother the cat for sure.. hahahh 🤣

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