Through The Tangle Heart Clearly

Click on the image to go to Resa’s post.

Resa has a fantastic post called OtherWorld Redux with fabulous artwork in her continuing adventures of Princess Blue Holly saving the ArtGown Models from the evil mechanization of DracGoth and Evilomlap Etagloc.

Abstract Expressionless

56 thoughts on “Through The Tangle Heart Clearly

  1. Resa’s artwork is beautiful and goes well with the moon in the Tangle Heart tree, Tim.

    I remember that song by Heart, “These Dreams”. It was one of my favorites from back then.

  2. Thanks Tim! Really cool Tangle-Heart w/PBH & the AGMs climbing up.
    It’s a lot of fun & excitement going to fashion shows, and on life or death missions.
    So happy you can make it!
    Thank you so much, Tim!

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