Venus in Purple Sky

Venus in focus through blurry tree (Bazooka). Mia’s Tree with Venus (iPhone 13 Pro). Tree in focus with Venus in the background (Bazooka).

Jupiter with three moons shot with the Bazooka. Moon shot with iPhone 13 Pro. Moon blasted by the Bazooka.

I traded in my iPhone 12 Mini for an iPhone 13 Pro. I decided I wanted the camera with the LiDAR scanner†. As you can see from the two moonshots, the iPhone has a long way to go before it can compete with the Bazooka, but I’m really impressed that I was able to control the exposure well enough to get as much detail as I did shooting a bright moon at 15x zoom†† on the iPhone. I had to lock the focus on the moon while I adjusted the exposure because the moon was jumping all over the screen with the slightest movement at 15x zoom.

Here’s the kicker, since I got a decent discount on the iPhone 12 Mini when I bought it, between Apple’s trade in allowance and T-moble’s trade in allowance, I got $75 more in trade-in value than I paid for the iPhone 12 Mini. The iPhone 13 Pro is larger than the iPhone 12 Mini, but I think it will be worth the larger size for the camera upgrade.

†The Wiki article on LiDAR states LiDAR scanners are available on the iPhone 12. That is not true. It’s only available on the iPhone 13 Pro, currently.

††15x Zoom on the iPhone Pro 13 Pro is equivalent to 390 mm. The Bazooka on the Canon 7D Mark II body is equivalent to 640 mm.

50 thoughts on “Venus in Purple Sky

    • Oh Really? What should I be using? Google products or Microsft Products? No thanks. I have used Apple products since 1986, and I love Apple products. My office is all Apple with the exception of the linux servers I set up after Apple got out of the server market.

    • Thanks, Cheyenne. I couldn’t get anything near that quality out of the iPhone 12 Mini, which I purchased a few months ago instead of a wide-angle zoom thens for my Fujifilm XE-1 body. So there is a definite difference in the quality of the camera. However, as you can see, my Bazooka (Canon 400 mm ƒ/4.0 DO) lens captures all the detail in the moon with very little effort.

  1. WHAT STUNNING CLICKS!! I’m honestly mind blown! The fact that you clicked that with iPhone is beyond impressive. The iPhone 13 pro is yet to be released in my country. How did you trade an iPhone 12 mini for iPhone 13? I have an iPhone 12 mini currently but I’m not planning on upgrading until this one gets old. I’ve had it for hardly a year now. But I’d like to know nevertheless. 😀
    The bazooka pics are obviously unbeatable! Jupiter with 3 moons is an amazing pic it looks like it was caught from a space Center!

    • Thanks Sam. The trade was through T-Mobile. I went to the T-mobile store, and asked about trading in my 12 mini for the 13 pro. He entered the serial number off my 12 mini and his computer came up with the two trade-in allowances. I ordered the 13 Pro, in came in on Tuesday, I transferred everything from the 12 mini to the 13 pro, reset the 12 mini to its factory settings, printed the trade-in receipt and the shipping label, boxed up the 12 mini with the trad-in receipt, and shipped it off to whoever gets traded in phones. It was easy and painless. When the 13 Pro is available in your country, you will have to check with your carrier to see if they have any trade-in incentives.

  2. Wow!!! Those pictures are amazing!!!!! I’ve heard that the iPhone cameras are good but I didn’t expect this😲!!

    • Thanks, Ebar. Keep in mind only the photos of Mia’s tree and Venus, and the smaller moon shot were taken with the iPhone. The rest are the Bazooka.

  3. Hi Tim. I bought the iPhone 13 Mini a few weeks ago. I was still using the 6 year old SE model. I prefer a tiny phone because I don’t want to feel it in my pocket. I was very impressed by the quality of the cameras on the 13 models. The photographs are much better compared with the SE.

    • Hi Herman. That’s why I had bought the iPhone 12 mini, because it was the same form factor as the 5 and old SE. But in order to get the LiDAR scanner in the camera I had to get the 13 Pro.

  4. That is impressive coming from a phone cam! Over here you have to starve to get one! Or get it with heavy monthly installments …for years. Kudos to you striking a bargain!
    I love that shot of Venus between the branches of Mia’s tree, and the Bazooka moon and Jupiter & friends! Smiling!

  5. Gorgeous photos Timothy. I’ve been thinking about ( well I’m being forced as my iPhone is sending out warnings ) a new phone . Keep me posted on how you like the new Apple iPhone.

    • Thanks, Holly. It’s great. I don’t like the size, but I had to compromise to get the LiDAR scanner. If that’s not important to you, and you want a smaller sized photo, the iPhone 13 mini would be great. I really like the 12 mini, The 13 has a better camera, and I think it’s the same price as the 12 mini. If you like a larger phone, you would love the 13 or 13 Pro.

  6. Sure enough, purple is the color of the day. Figured we would align at some point with the rainbow of colors you have been covering as of late. Saw the last shot and was reminded of a recent high profile quip about how exciting it will be to see the craters on the moon as if we’ve never seen them before.

    • Thanks, Brian. Craters are easy with any decent telephoto lens and a 4/3, APS-C or full-sized sensor. When we can get them with a phone, that will be something.

  7. I am blown away by the iPhone pics – not enough to buy one but still (I’m a Samsung girl)
    All fabulous shots, seriously wow.

  8. Incredible shots ~ and I can’t tell you how stunned I am with the quality coming from the iPhones and cell phones in general. Incredible, but I also think the real magic still lies behind the lens which make the above shots so special.

    • Thanks for your wonderful comment, Randall. I agree. And what is great about the technology is that when you don’t have to fuss as much with the equipment, you have more freedom to express yourself

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