From The Mist

In the morning fog
Where the pterodactyls dance
Balloons rise in mist

62 thoughts on “From The Mist

  1. Fantastic morning images. The locals seem to have an envy of the International Balloon Fiesta. It was included in their afternoon newscasts today.

    The now-defunct COS Balloon Classic had strong ties with balloon fiesta, until the City of COS thought they could do balloons better. Some of those who regularly came to COS for the Classic bypass it completely in favor of ABQ. The Classic was/is a far superior balloon event than the Labor Day Lift-Off which replaced it.

    • Thanks, David. The AIBF is the premier balloon event. They finally applied for a got the world record for a consecutive launch of over 1000 balloons.

  2. Wow those pictures are amazing!! I love the hot air balloon one🙂 imagine flying up there in that fog! But it must be kinda cold though…

    • Thanks, Herman. The linked worked perfectly. They didn’t hold it last you, but it’s going strong this year.

  3. Wow!! You have literally captured magic here, Tim. Incredible photographs!!! The first one especially looks like a painting. How fog can change the landscape and our perception. Impressive!! xo

  4. This is such a treat, your lines are so lovely and the photos are amazing. The mist colors everything with a hint of what is hidden by that thin layer in the sky. Great photographs Tim. Hugs, Joni

    • I was in the mist, the balloons were not in the mist. But they do fly in the mist. It’s risky if they are flying low around the cottonwoods. Thanks, Julie.

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