40 thoughts on “Bloom

      • I never knew what that plant was called. Nice shot, Tim! The cats don’t bother that plant? It would be in pieces in here in no time.

      • Hi Lavinia. I didn’t know what it was either until KT asked and I had to look it up. The plant was a gift a few years ago. The cats don’t bother it. They don’t really bother any of the indoor plants other than knocking them over when they are chasing each other around.

  1. What a charming Haiku and photograph! I don’t intend to be as good as you in photography, that’s a lot of ask, but atleast QUARTER as good as you! Your pictures look so real and so.. lively.

  2. I just love those flowers it was such a treat in Hawaii to see them growing from the ground as they don’t even look real they are so beautiful. Really lovely verse as well Tim. xooxoxox Joni

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