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    • And it’s amazing that with all the gadgets, email, texting, etc. we have today how little we communicate sometimes. Years ago when I was promoting bicycle races, I would organize hundreds of people calling from a landline and by word of mouth. But how often do we say: “You didn’t get my email? You didn’t get my text?” these days?

      • So true! We may be connected with more people, across the miles, than ever before, but the quality of our communications may be suffering, and at times, the human connection.

      • We have some much connection and communication that would never happen with out the Internet and all our devices. You and I are connected even though we are hundreds of miles apart, but there is no real human connection between us.

  1. We are in a cellular dead zone in my area. Yes, the number of electronic devices have exploded over the last 30 years, working themselves into the culture and becoming necessities for the humans to be able function within it.

    • I was in a total dead spot with Comcast. I changed to T-Mobile and it’s better, but still pretty dead. Some of our clients will have 2 or 3 different cell phones for different parts of their jobs. When we moved, I got a cloud phone system that allows has to use our cell phones for our office phones. I much prefer using my cell phone to a handset (tradition phone). Some staff members insisted on having handsets, so I got a few handsets for those staff. However, most of the people with handsets, use the office phone app on their cell phones when the in the office instead of their handsets. Curious how the old-style things like handsets are comforting, but then the reality is the flexibility, convenience and familiarity of the new devices turn out to be what is most useful. Thanks, Lavinia.

      • Having 2 or 3 different cells in your possession makes you awfully suspicious to law enforcement. An old client carried two. His Verizon worked good on the far east plains, but not his AT&T. When he needed to do business on the Front Range, it was the opposite. When he was stopped for speed on I-70, the state patrol noticed his two phones on the front seat. The patrolman asked him a bunch of questions. He was even handcuffed and put in the backseat. So when the patrolman talked to his office, the office said that was true, Verizon works on the plains and not AT&T, and vice versa on the I-25 corridor. The patrolman said drug traffickers usually have multiple phones, so he needed to call in and check. He still got written up on speeding.

      • I’m surprised he let the officer get away with it. That is an unreasonable search and detaining a person without evidence. Unless there is a law in Colorado that having more than one cell phone is illegal, and the person does not have warrants against him when the officer called in his licence plate, there was no reason for the officer not even question the two cell phones. Your vehicle is an extension of your home, at least in New Mexico.

    • In the Denver-COS corridor, as heavily traveled, cellular coverage is spotty, and even areas that have no internet access, not even dial-up. It’s difficult to get satellite internet into those areas as well. The only contact to the outside in those dead zones is a traditional voice only landline.

    • Roadtirement,

      “Cease that three prong plug’s
      Futile attempts to connect
      To the two blade slots”

      Not certain if I am ‘deep’ enuff to get the subtle subtlety of this, but I am smart enough to realize it is brilliant.
      Give me some time to ponder the words and meaning.
      I’ll get back to you.
      Great comment.


    • Excellent. I love it. I got a new UPS for the servers that I will be moving back to the office at the end of October. The UPS has a big 3 prong plug and needs a 30 amp breaker. My electrician is so booked up that he can’t get out to run the circuit for me until the end of October.

      The UPS is a rack mount unit that weighs 120 pounds. I can barely lift it. My boss was looking at the new security door I installed on the electrical/server room. I told him to try and lift the UPS. He was surprised by the weight, and asked me what made it weigh so much. I told him it was the batteries. He said “Electric cars must weigh a lot!” I told him they certainly do.

      There’s an article on TreeHugger.com about how it’s against the law to drive the new Tesla Model X across the Brooklyn Bridge, which has a 3 ton limit. The new Tesla X weighs over 6,700 pounds.

  2. Great post!! It made me realize that we have become addicted to our devices so much, and I’m surprised how we can still talk to people face to face (because we are used to texts now), or even get our work done without being distracted by them!

    • We can be face to face and still text. I remember someone posted a photo of an old couple sitting in a restaurant texting each other. The blogger made a remark like how they were sad and removed. For young people that sit and text each other instead of talking that may be true. I saw the old couple as being considerate and polite. They probably couldn’t hear each other very well, so they can communicate much better and silently by texting each other in the restaurant. Thanks, Ebar.

  3. To me, modern technology is a double-faced sword–I love it and hate it. I love the convenience it offers from shopping to banking; I hate having a meal where my adult grandchildren are present, and all they do is stare at their phones.

    • That’s funny because we are often telling Laurie’s parents to put down their phones when we a visiting. Thanks, KT.

      • Yes, I see it in older generations too. And sometimes, younger ones are courteous and refrain from looking at their phones when in conversation with others. To each his own, I guess…

  4. Ha! I actually thought it would be a shot of a giant ram or bull with massive horns.
    Scary thought, indeed. Although, this is scary, too. It had me looking for an input …. possibly on the hip.
    Adore the haiku!

    • I love your imagination, Resa. I would have much rather had a photo of a charging ram or bull. But alas, charging has been reduced to the another mundane chore. One reason I don’t like the idea of electric cars is that I would have a massive device to charge. And if I forgot to plug it in, I’d sure be SOL.

      • There is a lot of stuff on my phone I wouldn’t want just anyone to have or see. No naked photos though. Which might come as a surprise.

        I remember a guy at church a few years ago wanted to show me a photo of a car on his phone. So he’s rolling through a ton of photos on his phone, a lot of them are photos of himself and his wife naked, looking for a photo of a car. I’m like “dude don’t have me watch you scroll through all the photos on your phone of you are your wife naked to see a freaking car!” What was surprising is he and his wife are a few years older than me.

      • That’s the risk of storing nudes on your phone or PC. You like to show your pics to friends then “oh my god!” . You can never show your face ( or anything else )to that person again! 🙁

      • Certainly a problem. I’ve never thought of doing nudes of myself or Laurie. I remember a friend who was talking about the sex tapes she and her husband made back in the VHS days. I was surprised that she made sex tapes. Something I never thought about making. She yeah everybody does. I said really? I don’t. She didn’t believe me. I think she was more shocked that I didn’t make sex tapes than I was that she did and was telling me about them. Turns out she and her husband were in a club that swapped sex tapes back in the days before the Internet. I’m just an old prudish, boring fuddy duddy

      • I guess a lot people don’t even bat an eye at them anymore. it’s got to do with voyeurism , the sex tape club is a new one for me. How do they look each other in the eye at the church picnic? Rofl!

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