73 thoughts on “WiFi Wizard

    • She is definitely the keeper of the WiFi keys. Thanks, JYP.

      BTW I have two verses and a chorus written for our “Content as a Cat” song. I can send it to you if you want to add a add to it.

    • Of course. The IT dept is never there when you need them. I tried to talk the company who installed out new cubicles at the office to put in blinky lights instead of caps where the cubicles separate so when people need my help, which is often, they could just turn on the blinky light. I’m still considering a little flag they could run a pole like they used to have at Pancho’s “all you can eat” Mexican restaurant. Was there anything like Pancho’s in your neck of the woods? Thanks, Dale.

      • Oh, tell me about it. I think the guy in charge of the effing programme that was not fully developed might have understood that it might have been a good idea to include me in the testing of the damn thing – that way I would not have spent the day harassing him all for what? All for all my work to be trashed…

  1. Gwendolyn suits her name so much. Such an charming, adorable Haiku.
    And oh, what a strict looking Wifi Wizard! You raise ‘em to be prim and proper, don’t you?! 😉

    • Prim? Proper? Hahahah! The kitties might like you to think that. They are a bunch of wild cats. When it comes to WiFi wizardry Gwendolyn puts on the strict.

      • On another subject, have you heard of Gandhinagar, India? I’ve been trying to get a monument sign for the office since April. None of our local sign makers have been able to make it for us. I got on line, found a website I could order the sign from, and ordered it. It’s a very big sign on aluminum. It turns out the sign was made in Gandhinagar and they shipped it Monday. So far it’s made it to Mumbai.

      • Oh, ofcourse! Gandhinagar is the capital of Gujarat, in mid-West of India. How long has it been since you ordered? I don’t see why it had to be shipped to Mumbai when there’s an International Airport right there in Gujarat? Do you know the name of the website?
        It might reach you soon, because Mumbai airport ships freights internationally. Hope it reaches you soon! (Should take less than a week from now, I reckon).

      • I chose free shipping. At that time I didn’t know it was coming from India. They sent it by Fedex so it will go through whatever path and hubs Fedex uses. It could be the everything goes through Mumbai for customs. The web site is BannerBuzz.com. They have been excellent to work with. I’ll do a post on the sign after it arrives and I get it installed.

      • Plz sure do make a post! I’ll remember it! Free shipping may (only MAY) imply that it’s shipped by Sea rather than air, taking a longer time. I hope it reaches you exactly when you need it.

      • I think it will go out of India by air. It’s 8 day shipping. We needed the sign months ago, so now it’s to the point whenever we get it is whenever we get it.

    • Gwendolyn thanks you for noting her perfection. I thank you for the comment on the poem. However, you are feeding Gwendolyn’s kitty narcissism. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

      • We don’t do Halloween. So the black kitties are what the black kitties are. Our property is like perpetual Halloween at night with all the monsters rustling and growling at us from the bushes, banshees crying out, owls hooting, coyotes howling, chupacabra on the prowl and La Llorna shedding tears.

      • LOL.. you don’t have to as Halloween comes to you by the second. Still I’m sure you’ll be sharing some fun and scares to rattle our bones knowing you.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      • I think most all cats are sweethearts…I sure miss having them around, but I live vicariously through your posts about your kitties. My next door neighbor has a cat that if he sees me outside, comes over for a pet. I appreciate his kindness.

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