Walk With Life

Vultures on their break
Skeptics no concern
Spirits dissolved in daylight
The dead can wait their turn
Nighthawks played in streaming sunlight
Teasing out blue moon
Thunder sounded unseen strikes
Branches broken fell asunder
Fractured limbs will never heal
Distant sirens temptress sighs
Coyotes mournful cries
Hummers feed on orange blossoms
Hairstreaks purple feed on yellow
Rubbing flanges one up one down
Attached to shades of blue
A Predator took the bait

45 thoughts on “Walk With Life

  1. I’m almost certain that these images appeared before you as you were writing down those words. Walking with life… Thank you for a wonderful beginning of a new week.

    • You are welcome, Marina. Actually, I was dictating the lines in my phone for each of the photos I took. I would not have remembered them all, otherwise. It least as I was thinking about them walking with life. I wish you a wonderful week ahead. Thanks.

  2. Amazing what is going on all around you! You really do embrace the nature that surrounds you… and then the added words… nice! Thanks so much!

  3. Stunning pics…even the vultures looked handsome through your lens. And I enjoyed your accompanying poem; you have a knack for tying your words to the pictures.

  4. Always smile when I see a goatsucker in flight shot as I appreciate just how hard it is to get them tinned with their erratic flights and generally in late light.

  5. I jus read your comment to Marina… very smart of you. When inspired, it must be noted or recorded. The time it takes to go back home and poof! the thought is gone.
    So. All that to say, ya done more than good here, Timothy. Wonderful poem and images.

    • I don’t always record my thoughts, but when I have some good ones that I know will get lost in the gray matter, I dictate them. However, I’m so bad at dictating, that I usually mess up the original thought stammering through the dictation. It’s a good thing dictating letters to secretaries is a thing of the past. I would mest up “Take a letter Maria…”

      • Hahaha! I hear ya, Tim.
        I would take walks with Zeke and sometimes a haiku would pop into me noggin. I learned to dictate it coz if not…
        You’re too funny.

  6. All stunning shots!
    I’m looking earnestly at your cloud shots. It’s still a bit away from the gown being finished, and I have some tree pics in the folder to go with the post.
    I like the white fluffy clouds with soft pink hues, like the one one the right with the trees.
    (Whose tree is that in the front?)
    Also some white fluffy clouds with gold or amber hues.
    You’ve seen the gown, so you know why. Keep me in clouds mind, please!
    Your poetry keeps getting better!

  7. Amazing poem and the clicks are beautiful beyond words. Would use some of them as my wallpaper if I could and stare at them all day! Just toooo lovely! 😍🤩👌

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