Dark Pale Grays

Freezing rain pelts sun drenched skin
Drips off hair blurring sight
Sunshine slips through driving rain
Blue sky overhead
Dark clouds look on dancing Sprites
Swallowed bedtime colors
Sunset drew its covers sadly
Another day’s lightness snuffed
Final dark pale grays

You can bring your self out of the darkness by watching love is blindness performed by Holly and Pauly at the Solstice SoirΓ©e 6 19 21. as part of he post Home Is Where The (He)art Is. I had asked Holly how Paul was doing since they hadn’t done Music From the Hearth is a while. She was so sweet to do this post.

70 thoughts on “Dark Pale Grays

  1. The clouds are like works of art…the golds peeking and pouring out of the grays are lovely accents. It’s amazing that you can take a photograph and write a poem that evokes an emotion of the place and time you captured.

    • Thanks, KT. While I was walking in the bosque yesterday evening, the sky was speckled with clouds, mostly blue skies, and a few dark clouds. The dark clouds rained on me. At our altitude, rain is always freezing cold. While the sun shone throw the clouds on the horizon the rain glistened on my skin, and dripped off my hair into my eyes. It’s very New Mexico to have sunshine, a lot of blue sky while getting soaked by rain.

      • Ah, a lot of the devil beating his wife out there. 😁 When I was a chid and the sun shone while it was raining, someone would always comment that the devil was beating his wife.

      • I’ve never heard that one. I didn’t know the Devil was married, but one would assume he would beat is wife. One the other hand, any demon of a woman knowingly marrying the Devil would surely beat the crap out of him. I’d rather deal with the Devil than any woman willing to marry that dude.

      • There’s an old Italian fairy tale about the devil disguising himself and marrying three sisters, one after the other. In the end, it didn’t turn out well for him.
        Maybe the devil beating his wife is a Southern thing. I first heard it as a small child, and people still make the remark when the sun shines while raining to this day.

  2. I love the cloud images in that one, Tim. The stark white patch looks like a ghost conjured up. I see a head with a wild hairdo, with 2 eyes and a mouth and 2 arms, the rest of the body a wispy swirl.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. I think your ghost is my Sprite. There is a lot happening in the clouds. I got wet and yet no colors at sunset were offered.

  3. That’s a dramatic sky Timothy, nice shot. i liked your poem too !
    Thanks for the link you enclosed, it was a nice performance, I gave them a big “like” too πŸ˜‰

  4. That, my friend is an amazingly spectacular and dramatic sky and your poem intertwines perfectly!
    Thank you for the introduction of Holly and Paul. I just visited. Beautiful artists, both!

  5. Wow, such a dramatic sky and so perfectly captured in your photo and poetry, Timothy. I so appreciate the sky vistas you have down there in NM, thanks for sharing them.

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