Dentist Sun Rise & Shine

Dentist’s office sun rises shines
Imprisoned by shadows stripes
Thinking grinding gnashing teeth
Some impressions made
Brain numbed by Novocaine
Lips lost face sags
“Open wider” whirring drill
Splashes suction smoking still
One imagines gaping holes
Picking drilling air-blasts woe
Fitting carbon paper bite
Drilling fitting bite again
Glued fitted bite down hold
No brushing eating or floss don’t chew
For three weeks until we call
To anoint the crown give proper reign
Don’t let that temp one fall

66 thoughts on “Dentist Sun Rise & Shine

  1. I understand this! Wednesday I got my new crown put on. First dental work in a very long time except for cleaning… I hope you don’t have discomfort until you get the permanent crown. 🙂

    • Thanks, Susan. This the third crown for me this year. My teeth are breaking around ancient fillings. I’m not feeling any pain. I just have to be careful to keep the temporary crown in place for the next 3 weeks.

      • I rarely have teeth pain from nerves. I get teeth pain from sinus pressure. Then that’s all my teeth on one of the sides or both sides.

    • Thanks, Teagan. I don’t get very wound up about dentists, but you have every right to be terrified of them. Sadists. That’s what dentists are. They may come across as happy people there to help. They do help, but they enjoy every once of pain, suffering and anxiety they put you through.

  2. Ugh… I have a cracked tooth that will hopefully not need a crown… I have to suffer until September 8th before it’s fixed!

    Well done!

    • I hate to be a pessimist, but if it’s cracked it’s probably a crown. The crown I got before this one, I tried to get the dentist to simply pull the tooth, but he convinced me it had really good roots and base for a crown.

  3. Okay, I couldn’t help but laugh as I am so very familiar with this, being crowned myself!!!! Perfectly put to words and oh, look, is that a birdy sitting on your head?!!!
    Here’s to the permanent crown painlessly and soon! 😉

    • I’m sure you have good reasons. I used a new dentist this time, since we moved out office out of downtown. My prior dentist was my karate teacher before he became my dentist. I had gone to his dad for dentistry because their office was 5 minutes from my downtown office. I could usually do lunchtime dental appointments. I was taking karate with Tristan, and he was one of my karate teachers. He was 17 years old then, and went to dental school after high school. I was his first patient after he finished school and went to work at his dad’s practice. I had to get a crown. But I’m not loyal enough to drive into downtown for dentistry. There has to be as little pain as possible going to get pain.

    • Musical chair? My dentist never had anything like that when I was a kid. He was a brute. I think a lot of the ancient fillings I have that my teeth are breaking away from might not have been necessary.

      • Well here’s the deal…this dentist did. He also had fancy the Woodentops jigsaws. Obvi in an early experiment of how tae make dentists child friendly he did indeed extend the hand of friendship–which I bit–leading him to tell my mother to get that child out of here and never bring her back. So for years she didn’t which resulted in and even worse experience where the school dentist said five teeth had to removed under conditions that would not be allowed today/. For which the bus company that now provides the services from Dundee to Fintry where we then lived, would not be dancing cartwheels over since we had to get off a said bus in the middle of nowhere on a deep midwinter day, me having ‘boaked’ all over it and walk miles home. Beyond that, and I know you will fully get where I am coming from here, a few weeks back in our ‘new normal;’ our oldest grandie aged 6 had to have a filling.. My younger girl was on the ceiling not being allowed in, having been told she would be, listening to him screaming. And they came in to their house–we’d been minding the new baba- – with him in a state and inconsolable, so i just said, ‘ Hey kid, ken what? e’ as we say here. ‘Cut the greeting’ as we also say – ‘and the blaming your mammy here..’ And I told him these stories and he was trying real hard NOT to wet himself laughing.

      • I her you on torturous teeth removal. removing my bottom wisdom teeth required mini jackhammers. You are a good grandmother making the kid laugh after his ordeal. Do you hate the “new normal” like I do? I mean I am far from normal, and can tolerate a whole lot of weirdness, but the “new normal” is for freaks and lunatics.

      • I can’t stand the new normal. it is not normal It is beyond a joke. We’re not going to Glencoe this year, forking out money for the Clachaig’s take on gov regs. They can shove it. It is way too dear for bog standard accommodation.One community they are not appealing to is the hill community. Folks who do that are risk takers, they come for the full package there, not to be herded like sheep. We have been very lucky our family thinks the same re the ‘normal,’ because initially one girl was abiding by everything and the other washed every surface she passed. But after that first wee stage we have all kept together. I just felt when the gov pays my mortgage they can tell me who I can have in my home. We were also very lucky that in addition to being very private and hidden where we live, the neighbours here all felt the same. re wisdom teeth, I had to mine out in hospital eventually, they were so badly impacted.

      • I hear you. We are enough out of the way that we don’t get bothered. Most of our neighbors are like us, but we have some real doozies of regulation lovers in our village.

  4. Did your dentist keep asking you, “Is it safe?” 😉

    (See the “Marathon Man” scene between Laurence Olivier and Dustin Hoffman.)

    • Actually no. He said little to me other than “Open. Wider. Close. We’re almost done!” There was a new dentist looking over his shoulder. He was explaining everything he was doing to her during the procedure. He was having trouble getting the light adjusted properly, so the new dentist pulled out a flashlight and was shining on the tooth he was working on from over his shoulder.

  5. Dear Timothy,
    we very much like the graphics of your picture. Text and picture go perfect together.
    We seem to be one of the few here who are not afraid of the dentist. Well, that doesn’t mean we love it there but it was okay what they were doing.
    Happy weekend
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • I think most people simply dislike dentists more that fear them. People my age around these parts have every right to fear dentists. When I was young, going to the dentist meant pain and suffering. The used dry drills back then that would heat up the teeth the dentist was drilling on. No matter how much deadening the dentist shot into my gums the heat from the drilling caused a lot of pain, and left a disgusting scorched tooth taste in my mouth that lasted for days.

      I had a root canal a few year ago that brought back those childhood memories. While the oral surgeon was drilling through my tooth to get the root out, billows of smoke floated to the ceiling from the drill bit burning my tooth. Possibly it was supposed to burn to cauterize and seal the sides of the hole. I didn’t ask, but I was surprised to have so much smoke and burning as he drilled through the tooth these days. I had that burned tooth taste in my mouth for several days after that.

  6. Ugh, I had to border my current expedition with a pre-crown workup and then the final permanent crown when we return – each detailed stanza made me cringe.

    • Hi Brian. I’m happy I’m not alone in this venture of getting yet another level of royalty stuck on my teeth. Be careful not to jostle that temporary out and lose it if you are running during your current expedition.

      • Yep, I think about that temp the entire time I am running the trails (well, when I am not planning my next post of course ha) – already lost my footing a couple of times on the steep trails and gave myself a wake up sting.

  7. Once when not paying attention, I chewed on the wrong side of my mouth, pulled off a temporary crown without knowing it, and swallowed the thing. I didn’t realize what I had done for several minutes (probably because I felt no pain), but when I did, I called my dentist and he said as long as I didn’t hurt and stayed away from it, it was okay for me to wait to come in when my new crown would be ready, which was, I think, in three days. All went well. And I’m one of those weird people who enjoy getting my teeth cleaned.
    I have never in my life read a poem about a dentist’s visit. I’m impressed!

    • I have lost crowns, that I presumably swallowed. I hate teeth cleaning. I don’t let them do it anymore. I had one hygenist who was really careful and gentile. She quit when she had her baby. I told the new woman she had to be really careful especially with my gums because my immune system is compromised. She tore into my gums with a vengeance. I ended up with so many mouth sores that I could hardly eat, drink or sleep for three weeks. I had the Cancer Center make me a bottle of Magic Mouth wash to help with the pain (Magic Mouthwash is an oral douche that includes lidocaine and antihistamine to reduce pain. An antibiotic to kill bacteria. Antifungal medicine to deal with yeast inbalance, along with other ingredients depending on the recipe). The next time I saw my dentist I told him never again for the cleaning.

      • Wow! What a horrible experience. I’m lucky that I have tough gums. The cleaning process actually feels enjoyable to me.
        I’m assuming from your comment that you have had cancer, and I’m also assuming from what I’ve gleaned concerning your personality from reading your posts, you kicked its ass. 😊

      • I’ve been through two bouts with cancer and had a stem cell transplant in 2016. The blog came out of the CaringBridge blog my friend Susan set up for me in 2010 so people could go to one place to get the latest on my condition and treatments. I would generally put a photo with each post. One day a didn’t feel like posting a photo, and the next morning a had a bunch of emails asking where the photo of the day was. My blog was “Photo of the Day, Etc.” for a long time, but “Photo of the Day,” once a legitimate photo site, got picked up by a porn aggregator and too many people were forgetting to put the “Etc.” in the domain name. So I changed the name to Off Center & Not Even. After my last checkup in April, my doctor moved me to annual checkups instead of biannual.

      • Sounds as if you’ve been through the wringer, so to speak. Sometimes, something good comes from something bad, which sounds like what happened with your blog. I would image when it started you never dreamed it would become what it is today.
        You seem to be a a fighter…I admire that. And I’m happy that you won. Goes to show what modern medicine and a fighting spirit can accomplish. 💕

      • Yes. One of your staff has cancer, blood clots, had to be cut open. The oncologist said he should not be alive. He’s still kicking and fighting. It’s amazing.

    • You and Resa. I guess you don’t want to brush it off and not brush. Of course I’m being crowned again because of the tooth breaking around an ancient filling. Thanks, Cindy.

      • 🤣🤣oh so sorry!!!
        My husband is worse… he won’t go and he has 2 teeth that have fallen out in the front.. omg I would die to walk round like that.. what the 🤷‍♀️unfortunately or fortunately it doesn’t create pain. sorry and good luck!!!! 💖💖

      • If he’s happy with it. One of my front teeth broke last year. I got it fixed right away. I can’t deal with missing front teeth.

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