66 thoughts on “June Bug & Painted Sky

  1. That June bug is not like the ones that used to drive us crazy during our break when working at the drive in theater! They were big and brown and sticky!
    Those skies, though. Ridick. A beautiful ridick 🙂

    • Hi Dale. These are big, brown with stripes and sticky. They are like Velcro® when you toss them on someone’s shirt. They also make a chee Chee Chee noise. When Tristan was little, she had a concept of “blanky” as anything that felt velvety. Sometimes we would hear the Chee Chee Chee near Tristan and she would be sucking her thumb and “blankying” a June Bug.

      • I’m starting to wonder if our ugly brown ones had stripes I never noticed! Those buggers did stick to our disgusting polyester uniforms (gah… they were so gross – the bugs too 😉 )
        I particularly like the sound of them frying on my father’s bug zapper – the took a long time to fry! Sorry, I’m so bad.
        That is hilarious re your daughter.

      • I think our western version have stripes and your eastern version is plain old brown. I love June Bugs. They are fun to play with.

    • Thanks, Michele. It’s funny that we get June Bugs in July out here. We also get more wild skies as monsoon season begins.

      • I with you on “Bring on the monsoons!” We have had some hard rains here a couple of evenings. Other parts of the state have received enough rain to have major flooding from what I hear. There’s been enough rain, the conservancy is considering letting us irrigate one more time. In a normal year, I would have irrigated 10 times this week. I’ve irrigated only 3 times this year so far. Normally the acequias madres have water running in the from April 1st through the first week in November. This year the acequias madres have been dry more days than they have had water. We need lots of rain.

      • Glad to read you have had some rain. Hope more is on the way. We sure need it! Interesting info, Timothy – thank you for sharing. 😀

      • Have you been to the Salton Sea? That was the result of an irrigation mishap.

      • A break in a levee if I remember correctly filled the Salton Sea. Once a recreation area with lots of promise, it’s now a dying salt sea were people who drop out of society live. We visited Bombay Beach in 2019. I wrote a song for it. You can list to see the video and listen to the song at: https://wp.me/p1yQyy-4NF

    • As I explained to Dale, these are big, brown with stripes and they are sticky. Like bug Velcro®. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

  2. I have never seen that kind of June bug. What a remarkable camouflage. I love K.D. Lang’s take on skies which is exactly what I felt when I viewed your sky photos: “The sky is an infinite movie to me. I never get tired of looking at what’s happening up there.”

    • That’s a great quote, Rebecca. Our skies are definitely like a moving with lots of drama. Our June Bugs seem to be a bit different. Thanks.

  3. Your Rio Grande skies are so dramatic, so lovely, and you do a marvelous job of capturing them, Timothy. Liked the June bug too, and hearing about their Velcro abilities.

    • Thanks, Jet. If you haven’t played with June bugs, I think you would love them.

  4. So, that’s what a June Bug looks like.
    I’ve often heard them, but never seen one.
    June bug over July skies… stunning!

      • We have a lady bug farm in the Redlands. I wonder how they are doing . I haven’t seen many butterflies, yesterday one tiny white one flew by. They are blessings.

      • Butterflies are beautiful blessings. I’m seeing more butterflies.

      • Some years we have lots and lots of butterflies and other years few. I haven’t seen as many this year, but we are really dry.

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