Cool & Picante On A Hot Afternoon

The temperature was only 100º F (37.8º C) when I prepared this meal of a salad (made by Laurie), extra sharp cheddar cheese, hot salsa, corn chips and blueberries.

Betsy Bunny

Scattered clouds tonight.

Muted colors on the clouds in the east at sunset.

Tonight was the first night it was clear enough to see the moon from our property.

Mountains on the moon.

41 thoughts on “Cool & Picante On A Hot Afternoon

  1. As always fantastic photographs. Also a reminder not to complain when it gets to 80 degrees F here….when we all think we are dying from the heat:) Have a good weekend. Janet

  2. Looks like a good meal! You get some fantastic shots of the moon. It has been clear enough up here to see it again as we move into the hot season. Stay cool!

  3. Looks like a fun and interesting day and night. The moon photos were especially fascinating. Thanks for sharing all the pics with us.

    • The Bazooka 400mm lens on a Canon 7D Mark II body. The 7D has a crop sensor, so the Bazooka is equivalent to a 640mm lens on that body.

      • The iPhone upgrade is for wide-angle and super-wide-angle photos like I do of the clouds and the cats. The Bazooka does birds, insects, planes, and other things at a distance. The iPhone and the Bazooka both do flowers and roses.

  4. Great meal for a very hot day indeed. Your photographs of the sky are beautiful. How do you get those moon shots? Do you have a telescope camera, I honestly have no idea how you do those pictures, they are incredibly gorgeous. Hope you two don’t overheat too often. Great photographs Tim. ❤️Joni

    • Thanks, Joni. I use my big 400mm lens Herman aptly named the Bazooka to shoot the moon.

      • Oh my gosh, that is so incredible. How amazing those pictures are and it is hard to believe there is a lens that can do that. Wow! Thanks Tim for letting me know. Your pictures look like they were taken from a space station.

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