Bazooka’s First Day Lily

The first day lily bloomed this afternoon.

Graham Thomas

Tatones on Resa’s Tree. They will open soon sending cotton blowing in the wind.

Cotton blowing in the wind from tatones on other cottonwoods in Corrales.

May Peace be with you.

Wild, pre-sunset clouds looking east.

The color remained close to the horizon as the sun was tucked away for the night.

52 thoughts on “Bazooka’s First Day Lily

  1. I love ALL of your photos – colour, vibrancy and oh that amazing sky. But my most favourite is “Cotton blowing in the wind from tatones on other cottonwoods in Corrales.” A wonderful, mystical effect, Tim.

      • I meant it will look more like snow soon and it came out snow snow. Between autospell and my bad typing, it’s a wonder I can communicate at all.

      • I just commented on your communication interview. Oh let us be unterstood.

      • Over the years, I have been in many courses that taught how to send a message, but there was only fleeting remarks about listening for understanding. I believe that communication starts with us and must include all aspects of our lives – trees, birds, kitties. I have so much yet to learn, Tim. And that is a good thing….

  2. Eye behind the bazooka has captured real beauty! Those flying cottons can be a bit of a nightmare but they do look beautiful while on flight!
    Wow… fiery wild clouds!
    Happt Monday, my friend.

  3. Your photos are beautiful. Do your roses smell good? I love old roses that smell good. I am planting some in my little garden right now.

    • Thanks Heidi. The David Austin roses really do look like paper. I didn’t like them as much as hybrid teas at first, but they are so hardy that I have come to respect them and enjoy their blooms then other roses are suffering from the drought, and late frosts.

  4. Pretty flowers – had our first Asian Liliies bloom a few days ago and the very next night a raccoon decided to dig up the entire plant and scatter them across the landscaping – just the new one, it left the other mature ones alone. Gathered them up and replanted them on the chance they can survive – the main issue has yet to be dealt with… but it will ha!

    • Hi Brian. Those pesky raccoons. When we grew corn, the raccoons would pull the ears off the stalks, peal the husks back, eat the most tender ends of the corn, and then they threw the rest of the corn of the ground. The most wasteful critters I’ve encountered. One time the raccoons got into the lighter fluid that was on a shelf in our outdoor kitchen. They went berserk and trashed our outdoor kitchen. Good thing they didn’t figure out how to use the lighters.

    • Thanks, Al. Yellow roses are not my favorite, but they are blooming and beautiful, so I love them.

    • It’s nice you have a bit of growth and color in you little space outdoors. Thanks, Resa.

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