Sunrise, Vulture, Sunset

Sunrise looking east

I went out a 4:30 am this morning to let in the irrigation water. The sunrise had a bit of color. A vulture circled over head eyeing me the whole time. I assure him, no matter what he thought I looked like from getting up a 4:30, I was alive and kicking. I got to work late because of the irrigating, and left work late getting work done. Alameda Blvd was at a standstill at the office, so I went south to Paseo Del Norte, which was slow but moved along. It took me 30 minutes to get home instead of 15 minutes. I would have probably been in traffic for an hour or longer on Alameda. The sunset was not very colorful, but I did take it from the four cardinal directions.

Sunrise looking southwest
Sunset looking west
Sunset looking east
Sunset looking north
Sunset looking south

46 thoughts on “Sunrise, Vulture, Sunset

      • The problems of common street names and chronic arterial congestion within cities make it difficult to place where Intenet dwellers are in real space. I would have asked if you were in central New Mexico based on those two street names and no other context.

  1. ‘Out 4:30 am this morning…’ the early bird catches the worm and takes beautiful photographs!

  2. Ah, vulture was probably happy to find someone awake at this time to share the skies! πŸ˜‰ From North to South and East to West, sunrise to sundown, beautiful! 🌻

  3. I love those skies over your area, Tim! And the vulture. We have a small group of them here who swoop low and check us out from time to time.

    • You say you want some Revelations well you know. Kind of apacoluptic, also. Thanks, Resa.

      • Hey, Charlotte saw our parody on my GLAM blog. She left us a comment. I didn’t know, because I’ve been on Art Gowns. Each site is connected to a different email, with different username and login.

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