8th Annual Corrales Rose Society Dr. Huey Tour

We had our 8th Annual Corrales Rose Society Dr. Huey tour in person this year. Susan came out in the late afternoon, and we walked around and looked at all the Dr. Hueys on the property, which are many this year. I also photographed other roses and Ladybugs.

Julie’s giant Dr. Huey in front of Rebecca’s black bamboo, and Marina’s Incognito pear tree blending in on the side.

Sleepy Owl was perched in a tree

Leaned forward wide eyes askance

Then the little fella

Puked up a pellet

“Oh! What a good owl am I!”

Gigi’s tree in the foreground with Resa’s and the neighbor’s trees in the background.

63 thoughts on “8th Annual Corrales Rose Society Dr. Huey Tour

  1. I finally get caught up and then your latest shows up in my inbox – making me work for it Timothy hehehe. Sleepy made me laugh – like a Pez dispenser, but not for candy!

    • Thanks, Brian. Another neighbor was asking about the owls last night. I told her I was going down to see them, so she came along. Sleepy gave us a nice show of bobbing and puking the pellet. We felt blessed by his gesture.

  2. It was wonderful to be together for real rather than virtually Thanks to you and Laurie for the dayβ€¦πŸ™‚πŸŒΉ

  3. Lovely, the roses. I like them in their surroundings, looking free and doing their best. The owls are so funny!
    This type of ladybug is new to me. What a name for it’s genus: Hippodamia, Greek for “she who masters horses”, a mythological figure – I sometimes wonder, what biologists were smoking while figuring out the names!

    • Hahahah. The biologists would know all the good stuff to smoke while handing out names. This type of Ladybug is Coccinella magnifica also called the Seven Spot Ladybird. Thanks, Heidi.

    • Hi China Dream. It’s very dry out here so the roses and flowers have little scent.

  4. Those roses are insane! I was wondering if the owlet was yelling at you until I read that he was errr “gifting” you instead πŸ˜‰
    As always, beautiful images.

      • Oh the kitties can be quite entertaining when they are hacking up hairballs. It’s no fun cleaning them up, however.

      • No thanks. I’m not entertained whatsoever when Kat upchucks her hairballs… or her food becausee she is such a glutton.

  5. Your photos of the ladybug are amazing! And the roses are beautiful! I’m guessing the pellet contains the remains of their meal, right?

    • Thanks, Flo. Yes on the pellet. Owls eat their prey whole for the most part. They throw up the bones and other matter they can’t digest.

      • Snakes digest everything. What snakes do regurgitate are egg shells. A snake will swallow an egg and when the egg is about a thrid the way down the snake it crushed the egg by contracting its muscles and then regurgitates the shells.

      • Snakes digest bones and all. They also have solid urine like birds and liquid urine like mammals. Snakes are fascinating creatures.

  6. I enjoyed seeing all the Dr . Huey roses! I am glad you had the 8th Annual in person this year. The ladybug and other roses were nice to see, too.

    Little Sleepy seems like he feels better after getting that pellet up. πŸ™‚

  7. Wow, beautiful work you guys. By the way I just love how natural everything is which is what I love as well. We have all kinds of beautiful trees here too and we keep our place as natural as possible. That red bush with all the flowers is so beautiful. I thought I might have seen some species of lavender, that was also striking. All the flowers and the lady bugs were so beautifully photograph Tim, what a treat. Thank you. Also congratulations for growing so much beauty you two. Sending love and hugs – I can tell the owls are pretty protective of you two, they don’t much care for strangers getting into their space, I just love them. xoxoxo

    • Thanks, Joni. The red bushing roses are Dr Hueys. They are the root stock that other roses were grafted onto. The bud unions get frozen or damaged by drought, the rose dies and Dr Huey takes over. He is very hardy and does well in our dry climate. We have a lot of ferrelness in our garden.

      • Oh how interesting. I thought you had a real person that came to admire them, a Dr. because they were so beautiful. Thank you for explaining. I am going to look this up now as it is very fascinating. Your garden was beautiful. People in our area want everything cleared of leaves, we use them for mulch, seeds, we let the squirrels eat them and are yard is pretty much natural. I love your garden. It was beautiful as were your pictures. Sending hugs. Love to ya’ll. β€οΈπŸ€—

      • A Doctor does come out to admire and photograph them, that’s Susan, but the rose bush is named Dr. Huey.

      • Oh I was sort of right. How interesting which is what I thought. They certainly are worthy of admiration. It is probably amazing that they grow so beautifully there. Thanks for clearing that up my friend. You are just such an interesting person Tim. You two have a great weekend. Hugs πŸ€— Joni

  8. Thanks for sharing the roses, ladybug and owl with us, Tim. They were all beautiful and show the beauty of nature all around you. Fascinating and interesting, even Mr. Owl 😊

  9. I never tire of photos of roses, Tim. These are all exquisite. The ladybugs eat aphids on the roses, I think. When I come in from outside these days, the aphids ride along on my hair and clothing. Where are the ladybugs?!?

    • Yes they do eat aphids We don’t spray. We allow the critters to take care of each other.

  10. Thanks for the tour! Love seeing Marina’s tree and Rebecca’s bamboo behind Dr. Huey.
    I think I’d like this pic of Gi’s tree for a future episode.

  11. The Dr Hueys are as beautiful as they come. In the UK we typically graft on multiflora. I was pruning suckers from Mum’s roses a couple of days ago but if they had been Dr Hueys, perhaps I would have left them! Lovely pictures of the ladybirds too.

  12. Wow, what a great post Tim! Those ladybird shots are brilliant! More wows … Nearly as good as my Dr Huey! Top it off with a puking owl. He doesn’t much like the paparazzi does he πŸ™‚

  13. Wow, am I late! All these are gorgeous, Tim. Could I please use one of the owls on this weekend’s Armadillo Files? I’ll link to this post.
    The pre-barf photo is perfect.
    As always, I’m awed by the sunset. Hugs on the wing!

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