Heavy Mist

There was heavy mist rolling over the Rio Grande this morning. At times the cranes looked like phantoms in the haze.

87.3% Waning Gibbous over treetops

Wile E. Coyote

In the shadow of the rising sun


43 thoughts on “Heavy Mist

  1. Rising mist and the cranes-so happy to see these images! The coyotes and owl are wonderful too.

    • Thanks, Susan. The mist was thick fog a Beaver Point, but thinned out over the sand bar at 4th of July point. That was a healthy coyote.

  2. A lovely frozen misty morning with coyotes, cranes and owls. Perfection is the word that comes to mind.
    Enjoy your week my friend…

  3. Ah, Tim… your mist shots are ghostly serene, I love the treetops in that moon shot and mr. Coyote and then that exceptional shot of the owl becoming almost b/w in the shadow… now I call ALL these the perfect February first treat!
    Happy month and Monday, my friend!

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