Alpaca la Mañana Tuya

Dawn this morning

The morning started off mostly cloudy, and clouds blew around overhead all day long producing some interesting skies. In the late afternoon, we had dramatic pre-storm light. It’s overcast and raining this evening, so no moonshot tonight.

“¡Hola! Buenos Días. Me llamo Cara de Calavera (Skull Face).”

Blanca: “¿Qúe pasa? Cara de Calavera.” Cara de Calavera: “Hay un paparazzo en el dique.”

Blanca: “Oye paparazzo, ¿qué pasa?”  Me: “¡Disparándote con mi Bazooka!”

Wild morning sky

Susan Hunter identified this bird as a Song Sparrow. It was foraging on the river’s edge.

Pre-storm dramatic light on the cottonwoods.


Another Robin

And yet another Robin.

How many robins can you find in this tree?


The many faces of Tommee Towhee.

The Lonesome Dove

Mama Owl and Daddy Owl trying to get some rest after a night of really hooting it up.

51 thoughts on “Alpaca la Mañana Tuya

  1. The unknown bird is a Song Sparrow. There are plenty of them along the ditches. I like the frosty look.

    • Hi Teagan. The old guys in Spain would say “solo tenemos cuatro gotas” — We only got four drops. I could really relate to that. Although we got enough drops for Marble to go out in the catio, get all wet, come in and purr attack me. Nothing like a wet cat rubbing all over me when I’m trying to do other things.

    • Actually there might be and 8th Robbin under the mistletoe, but I can’t say for certain. It may be waiting for a kiss!

      • LOL! I pondered the same thing… his or her existence is as mysterious as santa claus! Maybe a robbin will find him or her under the mistetoe, unbeknownst to us!

  2. I didn’t know alpacas spoke Castilian Spanish. I expected them to have a little more slang, and since they’re living in NM will likely speak “New Mexican” Spanish, lol. 🙂 Your robins are likely those who winter over. We have a robin population that do winter over, with most living closer to NM. They can fly to NM when we have periods of much colder weather.

  3. Wow these excellent captures are on a whole new level! The feathers of the birds by the water and in the branches! The alpaca skull heads are quite adorable. (I’m called MamaLlama for obvious reason by some of my grown youngin’s) The owls were on point, and that pre-storm light on the cottonwoods…felt like I was there. I’m a morning late but enjoyed these just the same!

    • Hi Mary Jo. Your not late. I posted it last night. MamaLlama? Sounds rather endearing. I’m so happy you like all the critters and skies.

  4. Good Morning Tim…
    What amazing captures yet again. I never tire going on a stroll with you.
    And how I love Robins. We don’t have them here in the Valley of the Sun and always enjoy them when we head to Pennsylvania for the summer.
    When living in Pennsylvania and Ohio for most of my life… seeing Robins in February was a sure sign of Spring. Thanks so much for the memories.
    Loved the Owls too…
    A lovely post my friend.
    Have a great day!

    • Robins are colorful. Wasn’t there a children’s song about Little Robbin redbreast? Thanks, Tiffany.

  5. Amazing!!!!
    Is it just light on the Cottonwoods? Or, is there some rime on them. It’s like they all got new hairdo’s.
    Hard to tell whose tree is whose.

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