Gwendolyn is more adventurous than Glenda, but not into modeling like Glenda. She doesn’t hold still for long unless she is napping in a cubby or lounging in some other difficult to photograph location. She is always playful, but when I get the camera out she skedaddles under the bed, behind the couch, under a chair, wherever she is out of camera range. This afternoon I got her to come out from under the bed and give me some cute poses. Thank you, Gwendolyn.

Intermission: The wild sky this afternoon.

Moon in the rough. January 23, 2021.


46 thoughts on “Gwendolyn

  1. Between your intermission and the moon and then of course Gwendolyn, I’ve got a very big smile on my face. I suggest a long range lens to capture someone like Gwendolyn. Some of my cats the moment they see the camera, skedaddle. Great shot of the sky and moon, Tim!! Wow!

    • I have my new Bazooka lens, but as I told Marina, Spunk has been the only kitty Cat enough to endure having that lens pointed at him. He loves the new lens. The rest of the cats scatter at the mere sight of that thing. Thanks, AmyRose.

  2. My Midnight is a hard one to photograph too. It must be a black cat thing. Her hiding spot is under a daybed in my office, behind the stack of dry cat food. I have to wait when she’s out in the open to take the shot.

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