Putting in a Kitty Wonderland

Gwendolyn: “Wow! Is this kitty wonderland really for me?”

I have been wanting to put kitty hammocks on the opposite wall from the current two kitty hammocks. However, the problem I was facing was what to put on the opposite wall for the kitties to climb to get to the hammocks. When the kittens, Glenda and Gwendolyn, figure out how to get out into the rest of the house there are going to be a lot of issues with only two hammocks.

Another problem is the kittens are always climbing the walls to get in high places. I am planning on putting shelves near the ceiling for them to play on, but I had the same problem of what to put in the room they could climb to get onto the shelves instead of climbing the walls.

While looking for ideas online, I finally decided that a kitty play structure would do the trick. We found a play structure with the best features, dimensions, and height that looked like it would do the trick and I ordered two of them: one for the big kitties in the dance room and one for the kittens in the bedroom.

The play structures were delivered Thursday, so I spend much of the day between other chores and projects putting together kitty play structures. The kittens have really taken to their play structure. Gwendolyn really loves it. The big kitties helped me put theirs together, and four of them got on it before I could move it to the corner and secure it to the floor and wall. Since then, the big kitties have been lounging on and off on the play structure. I ordered hammocks, so next week I’ll be installing new hammocks.

All the parts. Silver beating up on a toilet paper roll. That’s a story for another post.

The instructions had me assemble the cat houses first.

Sasha helping out.

Spunk checking out Sasha checking out a cat house.

Marble went straight for a higher platform and started playing with her tail on it.


Silver & Spunk

Marble, Silver, Spunk, and Sasha




The Kittens on the structure in its place in the bedroom. It replaced my nightstand.

Gwendolyn and Glenda

The big kitties’ play structure in its corner of the dance room.

Sasha is satisfied.

79 thoughts on “Putting in a Kitty Wonderland

  1. The Price kitties are so lucky to be Price kitties. Those are the fanciest kitty playgrounds I have ever seen.

  2. That is just all too cool and it looks like all the kitties are having a big time with the new structures! That first picture of Gwendolyn is impossibly cute! Those kittens are growing so fast.

    • Thanks, Leah. All the kitties are happy. And the kittens are getting big. They were really mad at me for having them spayed and giving them pills, but I think they are getting over it.

    • Hi Maj & Sher. I’m not sure. The kittens have to figure out how to use the kitty door before they can go out into the rest of the house. They are curious, but not that curious. Loki and Sasha mix with the kittens and Marble pops in and hisses at them from time to time. Spunk and Silver are boycotting the bedroom.

  3. Tim, these wonderlands are terrific. Fun photos of both kitty groups. I’m impressed you were able to put both of them together in one day, lucky kitties! I know everyone will enjoy the new furniture!

    • Thanks, Mia. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought about getting play structures earlier. When the new hammocks come in they are going to be really happy. They won’t have to fight over the two they’ve about worn out again.

  4. Like the new nightstand, Tim.

    My kitty crew are wondering if they can live with you and Laurie because of the “Kitty Wonderland.” They put it on the list for Santa, but he never leaves one. They have to settle for that big red fish (red snapper) he brings for NYE. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  5. Wow, that really is a kitty wonderland! Since I didn’t bring *any* furniture with me when I moved (and my budget is nonexistent — which means everything I get has to be assembled), I’ve completely burned out putting stuff together. I fully understand how much work that was, Tim. Terrific job! Sasha does look satisfied indeed. 🐱

  6. Oh now this is just hysterical. Love, love love!
    The kittens love it.
    The big cats love it.
    Do they all still have access, or just the kittens? You are soooooo good to your cats!

    • Hi Resa. I bought two of these. One is in the dance room for the big kitties and one is in the bedroom, replaced my nightstand, for the kittens. The kittens are just Lady GaGa over there kitty wonderland.

      • Ahh, I was confused. I was quite touched that you replaced your nightstand.
        The kittens ARE lady GaGa! The other cats all look so happy. I bet Spunkie – Poo πŸ’‹ is uber happy he came home now!

      • Figures. I’m still attempting to dominate Jeep over her trying to dominate me over her designated eating spot.

      • Not!
        I’m still in the game. Although, somehow, she had dinner in the bedroom tonight. Not sure how that happened?

      • She’s trying to confuse you. Spunk is on my lap taking a break from destroying tings.

      • Hahahahahaha..lolol… well……. yaknow… cats! However, Jeep is eating in her designated spot tomorrow morning. That’s that for that, then!

  7. Tim, you just made me smile so much my cheeks hurt! I’m glad you went with Yaheetech actually. Some months back I did a review for their cat tree on Cat Care Solutions and we still love ours! We have two and they are aging very well. Looks to me like your kiddos are loving every moment of this gift you’ve given them. πŸ˜‰ You’re a popular dad, spoiling his babies rotten!

    I chuckled when you mentioned the play structure replacing your nightstand. Isn’t that how it goes? We have a cat tree in the bedroom so that Dizzy can climb the closet shelves to get up into the attic. (sigh) They rule our lives and yet we eat ’em up!

    The toilet paper roll being beat up by Silver had me laughing. It was one of the very first things I noticed, ha ha! Looking forward to that story!

    I still love your hammocks. They’ve been mentioned a few times in my blog posts because they are genius. Your love for these cats warms my heart like I can’t express. Thank you for that!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I hope each of you are well, safe, and blessed!

    • Thanks, Holly. The kitties love their new cat trees. The kittens are totally Lady GaGa over theirs. I just got in some commercial hammocks that will go up this weekend. They are still killing that roll of toilette paper. Such silly cats.

      • 😁 I love your tales (no pun intended!) of these cuties. Nothing can beat the joy they bring. I’m glad to hear they’re still loving the cat trees. I’ll look forward to seeing the updates with the hammocks!

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