57 thoughts on “No Moon Dawn

  1. Both have that magic to them. The 1st with that ripple-gridded cross-current (plus Chem Trails the da before?) texture like a shallow lagoon in the sky doing all the wave patterns everywhere.

    The crow between the Moon and Venus. Epic… I’m wanting to title it, “How the Crow Tells Time,” feels like a clock.

    Plus, there’s this big-beaked dragon bird character looking to the left side from just into the right side.

    Great shots, Tim!

    • I find all interesting things in the clouds. Crows were flying by so I waited for one to fly between the moon and Venus. Thanks, Jordan.

    • Hi picphilio. It was more patience that luck with the crow. A lot of crows fly north in the morning and the moon and venues were low enough that I knew a crow would fly between them soon enough.

  2. That’s awesome. I think that’s an omen . It means Spunk is going to stay home cause he’s leery of crows that fly between the moon and Venus.
    Gorgeous photographs Timothy. I’ve been trying to catch some pics of a beautiful black cat that hangs out here ( mainly because o leave goodies on my front porch for him.) He is a hunter and my catio is like Jurassic Park for lizards, a wonderland for stalking. Have a lovely day ! 🦎

    • Hi Holly. You might be right about an omen. A beautiful black kitty? Can you approach it at all? Sound like it’s worth trying to steal. Living in a lizard wonderland sounds like so much fun.

      • It’s wearing a collar. I have a lot of am cats around, a real pretty solid white one and a three legged cat. I think the lilies belong to Three Legs. , the milk I put out and the tuna was gone but she would come to me at all. I think they belong to the lady down the street , a recluse with lots of cats. She would probably have a broken heart if Black Cat didn’t come back.

      • Don’t steal black cat then. What color is Tripod kitty? It sound’s like you get a good selection of critters in your back yard.

      • Tripod is gray striped. The kittie curled up in my our h was also gray so… I have all kinds of critters. A zillion lizards , cats, squirrels, mikes, sand hill cranes, and some gators in the lagoon.

    • Thanks, Tiffany. We have telephone poles and wires on two sides of the property, but the cottonwoods help cover them.

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