68 thoughts on “Walk On Water

      • Eh… As a boater since way back when, it’s a Shoal to me. πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‚

        Something to be avoided while underway.

        Lakes like Lake Saint Clare in Michigan and Ontario, I found difficult to navigate as it is shallow, and plenty of large boulders are visible on the bottom.

        I’ll stay in the dredged shipping channel…

    • I don’t know about coyotes being shapeshifters, but they are shifty. As far as a shaman assuming the shape of a coyote, that is a real possibility as there is lore to that extent. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

  1. That is a great series of photos, Tim.

    I know a couple who had a coyote-collie cross. The dog lived for 17 years, unusual for dog that size, but he was a hybrid. His name was “Fish”, because he never barked, and would rock back ad forth like a goldfish in a bowl when he was a pup. He was stealthy, and would just suddenly show up behind them.

  2. Great captures! He is a healthy fellow. And beautiful too.
    We saw one the other day out in the desert and he too was healthy… usually they are skinny and their fur is quite incoming.
    Nice shots with the ducks!

  3. Nice catch. I would say Mr. Coyote is walking in the shallows, but since you live in skinwalker country anything is possible. I have to say he/she is very healthy looking. Did he follow you? Coyotes are notorious at following any time you look in their eyes, including with a camera.

    • We had one biologist friend tell us she thought coyotes are the cockroaches among mammals. I’m not crazy about coyotes. Thanks, Tiffany.

  4. Love those shots! I’ve always thought coyotes were adorably cute.
    I’ve always wanted to pet one, and ducks. I’d like to pet ducks!!

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