51 thoughts on “Stance

  1. Gwendolyn and Glenda certainly have their own attitudes and aren’t shy about showing that. They are beautiful kitties and I am so happy for them that they are members of the Price household.

    • They do have Glendatude and Gwendolyntude for sure. They are quite beastly and lots of fun. I took Silver into the bedroom the other day. Gwendolyn came bounding up on the bed and Silver let out a screech like he saw a ghost or monster. It was really funny. He won’t go into the bedroom at all anymore. Loki is starting to play with the kittens quite a bit, but he’s a bit of a lunk and clod when it comes to playing.

      • They are little beasts and like I mentioned to Leah, they are climbing the walls to get into high places. It’s amazing how they scamper up to high shelves.

      • No. They haven’t figured out how to get through the kitty door to get out to the rest of the house. They will go nuts when they discover there’s a telephone pole to climb and hammocks. Although, other cats are going to be quite upset when the kittens figure out how to get out to the rest of the house. I’m looking at putting hammocks on the other wall above the windows, but the problem is making a way for the kitties to get to the hammocks. The front door is where kitty stairs would go.

      • We spoil our kitties. They are worth it for all the comfort we get from them.

  2. Gwendolyn’s portrait has that “bet you think I can’t leap from this stance” look. Glenda’s portrait defines her command of sultriness. The girls are certainly developing. Developing into what, well God help you and the rest of the felines in the house. πŸ˜‰

    • You got that right on all accounts. Gwendolyn can leap high and climb walls like nothing. Glenda is quick to purr and not quite as bold as Gwendolyn. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

    • They are getting bigger, wilder and more distructive. However, they are still really sweet kittens. They come when we call them and they love to sit on my lap and get petted as long as their kitten ADHD will allow. Thanks, Holly.

  3. “they are climbing the walls to get into high places” sounds like you have to replace the wallpaper quite soon

  4. It’s funny how G&G haven’t been able to figure out the kitty door.

    Here, still working on lowering the hissing level. If the hissing level ramps up, sometimes that will lead to a confrontation, mostly between Caitie and Pinky. And, you can see it when their coats poof out along with their tails. But, also had a few days where there’s relative calm.

    • I don’t think they are that curious yet as the big cats, except Loki, are still hostile towards them. They have a nice play area, with lots of kitty toys to play with, in the bedroom, bathroom and laundry room. Thanks, David.

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