37 thoughts on “Bud Light Unmasked

    • You lived in New Mexico. People discard anything and everything anywhere but a trash receptical. In the old days of my good citicenship, I would have thrown both in the trash. But I ain’t touching nothing lying on the streets these days. Thanks, Jordan.

      • A(wo)men to that, Tim. My days of being on the trail with the mantra ‘Asshole,’ picked up the trash and bagged it in the bag I had just for that kind of stuff in Nature. Used to in the City. NOw, same as you, neither. not touching it even with a social distanced pole. What gets me the most is when you see a moving car or a car at a stoplight, and then the outstretched hand with the whole McDonald’s/Burger King/Taco Bell/BurgerJoint shell of a bag and the hand OPENS, and plop, right there on the street. I don’t know. I grew up in Texas with Bluebonnets along the highway and a $1k fine for littering that was enforced on the 1st offense. That’s probably changed there as well. Nature is becoming a trash receptacle rather than the sacred sanctuary it is.

      • When I was at Home Depot on Sunday, someone left a McDonald’s bag on a cart. A crow was on the bar on the cart eyeing the bag. I tried to get a photo but the crow was not in a modeling mood. I was pretty disgusted with people leaving their McTrash on the Home Depot cart.

      • Yup. When I’m done with it, I’m done with it, and the trash is disposed of properly. More prevalent now, though, when others are done with things, they just drop it. And, I don;t see that as Buddhist non attachment. I see a lack of connections being made which waters and nourishes selfishness… so, rather than that sounding judge-y… try these two on for size:

        Example 1:
        “All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.”
        ~ Friedrich Nietzche

        Example 2: (that actually is applicable here)
        “Ok kids here’s an exercise. Put down your phone and out a piece of paper. I know that’s difficult, so I’ll give you a few minutes. Ok, now take out that pen and write your name on the paper without lifting the pen. …. CONGRATULATIONS Gen Z, you just learned cursive.

        Shaking head. A place where cursive is as indecipherable as Mayan glyphs before The Coptic juice came to the rescue and the code was cracked…(read in: connections between letters in cursive, picture language, imagistic writing/hieroglyphs being evolved concept-think-writing)… and just the iPhone/Droid Linus blanket and the trash. I suddenly got old 5 years ago It seems… SO, when you hear me say, “Back when I was your age, uphill in the snow, BOTH directions…” please step in to directly let me know that I’ve reached that internal age. 🙂

      • You have to assume a kid knows how to hold a pencil or pen. Not many do these days. It’s a sad state of affairs. I don’t go to places like McDonald’s so I don’t have to worry about disposing of McTrash. But if I had some it would go in a proper McTrashCan.

      • Yup, me either, unless I want to give my body a re-up lesson that, “That’s not food anymore. Just volume and calories minus the nutrition. The Nature has been processed right out of it.”

        Yes, on the kids not knowing how to hold a pen. As the motor function dexterity drops lower and lower to amoebic level sloppy, let’s hope brain surgery And surgery in general honors that and transforms into a video game or similar so they can continue stuff like that.

        McTrashcan. 🙂 Reminds me of being told, “Well, all you do is McMansions, so don’t talk about the little guy.” I would laugh and laugh. “Nope, never done a McMansion. Not once. They require a Portecochere. You know? A drive-thru. I do Starter Castles.”

      • We have lot of big houses out here and around us. We live in more or less a garden cottage overgrown with foliage.

      • 🙂 From what I see, you guys live in a cottage like a rustic Monet’s Tuileries. The pictures and life of Nature your camera embraces within a short walk… Excellent stuff. And, the cats. Good Stuffstance all around.

      • Our property is a bit “weeny, weedy and weaky” to quote “1066 And all That”. But that’s the way we like it.

    • I thought it was a bit strange for a fabric mask to be thrown on the street. That’s why I figured it belonged to the Bud Light. Thanks, Dale.

  1. So sad that people have a disregard of their very own living places! And what makes this even a bit more sad is that stick laying in the background looks like a Covid testing swab. I know it’s not…
    For someone who was just in Zion National park and saw how the area is protected and is so beautiful… this saddens me tremendously that people are so callous.

    • Hi Nancy. When I lived in Spain people through trash on the ground all the time. I would ask them to pick up their trash and they told me if they didn’t little a trash collector would lose his or her job. Their mentality was they were helping to keep people employed by littering. Really twisted. I don’t know that most litterbugs out here are creative enough to articulate that kind of logic and excuse for littering. But they definitely must feel it’s someone else’s responsibility to deal with it. In DowntownAlbuquerque there is a team of city staff who clean up after these people.

      Another thing that bugs the “crap” out of me is the people who bag their dog crap in the bosque and leave their bags of dog crap in the bosque. What a bunch of nonsense.

  2. At least the Bud Light was completely finished. It would have been a shame if it wasn’t fully consumed. The mask, a waste of at least $15.

    • Corona beer would have been perfect, but only a Bud. Has corona had any effect on Corona sales? Thanks, Resa.

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