38 thoughts on “Gray Day

  1. Grey days are welcome because one can cool down. On sunny days the pace of life is often accellerated above the normal level. At cloudy days one can recover.

  2. I was the first one here last night but the sandman had the last word. Thatโ€™s an ominous view and fascinating photo. You know I love the trees, especially the Tangle Heart . I think you ought too etch my name on there before someone else lays claim to it. Iโ€™m concerned. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. Intermittent grey here today also. But the light is always shinning bright behind the clouds. Love all trees and all have my heart.
    Have a beautiful weekend. ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ™

  4. Lovely photos of some of your friends, Timothy. I can imagine how comforting it must be to have Holly’s Tangle Heart tree in your midst. The first photo is a gem…moody and expansive.

  5. After three days of winter gray, and a dense fog gray beginning this morning, the sun is back out. Wildfire smoke is expected to return over the weekend, and be heavy next week.

    The snow had no effect on the Colorado wildfires. The Cameron Peak fire (west of Fort Collins) that blew up on Labor Day, it continued to grow despite the snowfall in the area.

    • Regained full functionality with WP by using an out-of-date, unsupported browser. WP support forums said: “we have full functionality across all browser platforms โ€ฆ it must be a problem on your end.” That’s helpful.

      • Hi David. WP does not have full functionality across browsers. I only get full functionality with Safari on a version that is 4 years old, but now that computer is retired agin. The latest version has all kinds of issues with WP. I get best results with FireFox, but there are issues still.

  6. Gorgeous shots!
    Great to see another shot of Shehanne’s tree!
    PBH & the Tangle – Heart , (one of the more dramatic shots you sent me) will start ep. 2. Ep. 1 almost done!

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