Morning Glories in the Evening

I noticed the morning glories were blooming this evening. I think they got confused because it’s been cloudy, cold, and dark all day. The temperature stayed in the 40s F, that’s single-digits in C. The sunflowers stood in for the sun on this dark and dreary day.

Morning glory and clover seeds, with a sunflower in the bokeh.

39 thoughts on “Morning Glories in the Evening

  1. Beautiful images caught in the gloom of the evening. (I get a kick out of the morning glories. Here in corn country they are considered a noxious weed. They will choke out corn and beans and totally bind up a corn head on the combine. You best just drive around a patch of morning glories in your field.)

    • They are kind of pesky out here, but they are gone with the slightest hint of frost. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

  2. Love the beautiful morning glories and sunflowers in the late summer sun. Thanks for sharing them with us Tim.

  3. So lovely. Now I miss my morning glories from my first house and my sunflowers from m second. So many plants to think about for this new place.

  4. We’re having gloom and dreary weather too, plus dense fog.

    Side note: It seems the new Windows security update and WP are incompatible … again. Cannot *like* posts, comments and cannot receive notifications.

    • Seems to be common with updates these days. To many updates for everyone to keep up with. Thanks, David.

    • Hi Lavinia. I’ve heard dear with venture down into the valley on occasion, they usually stay in the foot hills. It’s more common, but still rare, for bear and cougars to venture into the valley.

  5. That is so interesting! You might be right about the Morning Glories being confused because of the darkness.
    I wonder how the plants in California… the entire west coast are reacting?

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