Outdoing the Devil

Mother Nature as a way of putting the Devil to shame with her destructive energy. High winds did in our canopy cover, while the air quality index went beyond Biblical proportions, up to a very hazardous 867. It was 699 when I left the office, and I’m sure it was 666 and some point today. You might have guessed that his weekend I will be putting a new cover on the canopy.

67 thoughts on “Outdoing the Devil

    • Hi John. I have plans to put a tansparent roof like I have over part of the catio some day. The canopy is big at 16 x 24 feet. It will take about $1200 in materials to put a transparent roof. A new cover costs me $130 with free shipping.

  1. Your narrative puts me in mind of the Chiffon Margarine “It’s not nice to fool mother nature” memes of the late 70’s/early 80’s. Some scoff, I don’t. Glad your damage is relatively easy to remedy.

    • I remember those commercials. Sad to think about 1) how long ago that was and 2) the I remember them. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

    • Hi Lavinia. We had lot’s of wind and smoke, some of the smoke might be from your fires. The wind blew down trees and powerlines in town, and a large part of the city lost power.

  2. Hey, strong roots laugh at storms. The 666 air index was hilarious… not to inhale kind of hilarious, though as you tracked the Plague of the air through its paces.

    Glad you have strong roots that laugh at storms, lean down after, and pick back up with a smile. Maybe shaking your head, though thanks for the experience as you described it. God stuff.

      • Autocrack can be such a pain in our backslides in our attempts at creative verbilizationalizationing. Take that autocorrect!

      • Like a tsunami over the sea wall and right into town. Polysyllabically, they cleared the way with words saving the world until, What’s that tug? And, all of a sudden to words they cleared with fell in a lump on their overly long capes with too many seams and they were clotheslines in a flash. Video killed the radio star. Copiousness killed the overcircumlutioners before they attempted to circumsize the globe with a 50-foot Clipper. Their fame will never circumnavigate back to them now.

      • If I remember correctly is was Sir Frances Drake who circumcised the earth with a 100 foot clipper, and Sir Walter Raleigh who invented cigarettes and started smoking. History as some know it. Life moves forward and goes on even when we get caught on the clothesline and just hang there flapping in the breeze.

      • Yes, Sir Francis Drake Circumnavigated the globe with a 100 foot clipper, and 6th Grade History tests often answer (where I lifted it from) the circumsized the globe with a 100 foot clipper… one of their better accidental puns.

      • I’m not sure many college students would fair much better on history tests these days.

  3. Mother Nature rules, whether we like it or not.
    I think she is royally pissed at this point.
    Sorry about your canopy. What a hassle. There’s enough to do without redoing.

    LOL! When I read the title, I thought…Oh dear! What did Spunkie-Poo💋 do now?

    • You were right to suspect Spunk. Spunk gives the Devil a run for his money. It’s cold today at 5.5º C. Thanks, Resa.

      • Wow, that is quite chilly. Is that an oddity?
        Here, it’s 17C, and grey as grey can be. The lake can make for big time gloomy skies.
        It will probably warm up for you.

      • It’s early for daytime temps to be that cold. It’s supposed to be back to 24º C on Friday and to 30º C next week.

  4. Looks like some excitement was going on. What’s with the bad air? Coming in from Ca.?
    It’s storming here today, the usual afternoon storms. Good luck with the canopy.

    • Hi Holly. The bad air is smoke from California. I just commented on Radiating Blossom’s blog that I wish it could be California Girls instead of smoke. It’s not super hard to put a new cover on the canopy. Temps are staying in the 40’s today. Brrrr.

      • Cool mornings are common this time of year, but highs in the 40’s is not normal this early in September. A lot of areas north and east of us got snow last night.

      • Laurie turned on the heat today. I’m not sure we have had to turn it this early before. Sasha braved the kittens to sleep on me last night. I had Sasha on my chest, Loki on my legs and the two kittens on my feet. Cooler nights might force the other old foggy kitties to put up with the kittens and start sleeping with us again.

      • Those warm kitties are so comfy. I imagine the big boys don’t appreciate the interlopers. They will come around once it gets cold enough. Tide used to sleep with me , always with his head on my feet But now he can’t jump up on the bed (arthritis) and he won’t let anyone help him he’s too macho. I put his bed at the foot of mine he finally had to settle but it’s not the same. People don’t know what they’re missing who won’t let there babies in the bed! 🐾🐾

      • We have a step stool at the foot the bed, and boxes and a food storage container that make steps up to my night stand that the older kitties and Lola would use to get up on the bed. They don’t like being helped up, I think that is in part because is just as hard for them to get down without help. When we had our senior kitties they managed to get up and down with the stepped objects by the bed.

  5. Well, at least it’s not snow. It would have bent your structural support as well. Have you thought about steel, what they use for carports … or is it too expensive?

    • We’ve had 8 inches of snow on the canopy. The steel frame is very strong, and a fresh cover is strong as well. The problem is the sun eats the cover and weakens it so it eventually rips in the wind. This cover lasted two and a half years, which is pretty good. Some have only lasted a little over a year. At $130 for a new cover, and a few hours to take off the old and put on a new, it’s not very expensive to maintain.

  6. WOW, Tim! That was quite a storm. Have you had any luck replacing the canopy cover? Sorry this happened over there. I’m curious, why such poor air quality? Is it due to the fires?

    I sure hope your weather has improved dramatically since this post. Grateful each of you are safe!

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