61 thoughts on “Too Tired To Tango

      • ¡Sí! Y salsa, y cha cha cha, y rumba, y mambo, y bolero, y swing, y tango, y jive, y waltz, etc. You didn’t know I’m a dancer?

      • Not many people dance Samba, at least the ballroom style of Samba. A friend met a woman a few years ago who said she danced Samba, but she couldn’t find men who knew Samba. My friend told her I knew Samba and he brought her out to the house to practice Samba in our dance room. It turned out she didn’t really know how to dance Samba, but since she said she did and she took the trouble to come out and practice, so I danced Samba with her. I lead her through a lot of difference steps, and kept leading her through the steps until she started to get them. She wasn’t doing too bad following, but she finally went into a full panic attack. Laurie thought I was mean and insensitive to dance her until she panicked. She said she knew Samba, she came out to dance Samba, by golly we danced Samba.

      • Ay, that’s quite a story Timothy. You put a smile on my face. I thought it was “dance me till the end of love.” Apparently it became “dance me till the end of panic” or something like that 🙂 You are great!

      • Happy to make you smile, Gabriela. I guess it was one of those times when she needed to be carful of what she wished for. I don’t think she ever talked to my friend after that. I like to think I saved him.

      • From what you are saying you saved him.
        I can’t stop smiling. I have this image of you making desperate efforts to salsa with a woman who does not know how to salsa 🙂

      • Salsa would have been easy. It was Samba. It’s a difficult dance and rhythm, and not a lot of people do the ballroom style of Samba. She thought she was safe saying she knew how to Samba, because not many people around here do.

        One time, at a New Year’s Eve dance, a band called Salsa Maria played a Samba. Laurie and I were the only couple out of over 600 people at the party who got up to dance the Samba. When Salsa Maria played Salsa the dance floor was packed. But not for Samba. The band played on and on and on. We did a solo Samba for like 15 minutes. Arrg. At least we got appluase from everyone at the end, including the band members.

      • “We did a solo Samba for like 15 minutes. Arrg. At least we got appluase from everyone at the end, including the band members.” You and Laurie are great. You rock!!!!
        Hugs the everyone

    • Cats are amazing and being uncomfortably comfortable. Loki and Silver have their techniques mastered. Thanks, Lavinia.

  1. But, he HAS multiple languages. Maybe their 9 lives each have their own language. Like a witness protection program for cats. Makes them harder to find when they speak a completely different language. Don’t give up the other 6. Gotta keep Loki safe.

    Iwas rolling. I so much read Speedy Gonzales and Peppy Le Pee accents, and with him just vegged out, the contrast just made it even funnier. No Labor Loki. I’ll back that.

    • That is a very good observation and well assumed cat life logic. I always like Speedy and Peppy, but I don’t think either are socially acceptable these days.

      • Yup, they dial the stereotypes into 100% uncut identity up to be a definition of intensity (generalized and as well racist of course), and then are just as limiting as their drama/melodrama is often simply flashes in the pan. Persistent, though nonetheless reactionary and not having empathy in listening. Very much both Takers… which the lulled and sweet voice to bait one in…like a cobra slowly hypnotizing you.

        OOPS Did I say that or think that. I find that most cartoons are big-time racist. Look at Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd. Then, look at all the rest. They were signs of their times, and I agree on Speedy and Peppy not being socially acceptable these days, and at one and the same time I do keep a healthy admiration for them both being themselves indefatigably.

      • We could do 7-Yup for another good prime number of yups. Or do 7 to 11 Yups for two prime number of Yups that when added together equals 18 Yups, which has 6 divisors, one one wich is a TriniTEEup. There could be no end to yupping it up.

      • Or we can apply a deviation to Teslacle’s Deviant to Fudd’s Law: If Yup goes in, Yup must come out. But then does Fudd’s Law apply to Yup? If you push Yup hard enough does Yup fall over?

      • YIYO much like GIGO. I don’t know about Elmer, though, or Fudd’s Law. I kinda think Yup is unpushable as it say yes to saying ‘No’ as a complete sentence pretty well, though it phrases it ‘Nope’ more often than not.

        As we yippity KiYay Yap about Yup,
        With Mathe-ty Math about Yup-Maths,
        We pick and choose
        To Yup or use
        YIYO or GIGO…
        Hmmm… Maybe Yup
        doesn’t go down like a daisy.
        Stands quietly
        while the push comes to blaze it.
        Roots wiggle toes
        Breathe in and out goes,
        And Dr.Seuss is rolling in his grave right now. 🙂

      • Ah yes! Good old Dr. Suess rolling over like Beethoven 🎶Yup yup yup yup! Yup yup yup yup!🎶 One Yup. Two Yup. Red Yup. Blue Yup. Leave me be Yup I am, I don’t like green Yups and Spam. Let’s be sure to wake each other up before we GIGO.

  2. Well, cats need their sleep. After sleeping all day, a dinner leaves them exhausted.
    Loki is so sweet in the hammock!
    I adore watching a sleeping cat.

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