41 thoughts on “Last Butt Standing

      • Smoking is way too expensive. Smokers have to go through the express checkouts to buy cigs. I noticed they are like $7 to $8 a pack. That’s a pricey habit. You quit cold turkey? Amazing. Tobacco addiction is as bad as heroin if not worse. It’s really hard to kick the habit. Good for you. I’ve read that lungs can heal themselves to some extent,

      • After my bout with pneumonia (which prompted quitting) I had only 34% lung capacity. Four years later my last test in April showed I’m back to 75% capacity. Yep, you can heal your lungs some!

      • When a woman who used to work for me decided to get pregnant, she quit cold turkey. People do it, but I think it’s really hard. Thanks, Lavinia.

  1. Yeah…could this be from that pack from a few posts back. It is areal stub out by the looks of it. Maybe they knew you were taking pics and they thought… I will keep this going.

  2. Was that a gross sticky substance around the butt? Most butts are uneven until you get to the filter like in your image. However, I find it surprising that aren’t more butts since cars haven’t had ashtrays for awhile.

    • I think something sticky might have had the butt stuck in place. I didn’t look close enough. There are lots of butts around, but the city staff sweep them up daily. Thanks, David.

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