37 thoughts on “Gweddïo Mantis

  1. Praying mantis are fascinating creatures! Actually by the name I was thinking maybe he was in the mob or something. I’m Welsh, if you learn any more good words pass them on to me. That’s a fantastic photo.

    • Spelling Welsh is not fun. I have a hard enough time with English. But it is fun to learn. Thanks, Lavinia.

  2. Whoa! Amazing picture, Tim! But, that praying mantis is quite ugly if you ask me. Sorry. As for you studying Welsh how cool is that! Way to go! More NEW coming from this phase of history. I love it!

  3. Ewww! Shivering. Still shivering. Calming down, now.
    Your shot is spectacular. The insect is from outer space.
    It’s scarier than a brilliantine stick insect.
    Welsh is interesting…. huh!

    • Welsh is weird. My roots might have something to do with my weirdnesses. Praying Manti are really cool insects, they are master predators. Thanks, Resa.

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