Diafol in the Duo

I was working on Welsh in DuoLino while waiting for Loki to come in last night when at the end of one lesson I had earned 666 XP for the day. The odds of earning 666 XP on any given day are pretty low given 15 is the normal score for a lesson with a combo bonus of 5 for no mistakes. 10 is the lowest score for a lesson with no bonus (you have to make a lot of mistakes to end up with 10), and 25 is the highest score for a perfect score on a lesson after accepting a double your XP challenge.

As some of you might know, 666 is one of my favorite numbers after I was called the Antichrist in a public meeting when I was on the local Planning and Zoning board a long, long time ago. You can check out 666 on Route 66 and Sixty-Six, 666, More 6’s if you want to see earlier posts with 666.

Diafol is one of 28 words in Welsh that can be used to mean Devil. It is a bit of a Devilish language with all the Ws, Ys, double consonants, different ways of writing out numbers e.g., “Un deg pump” is “Fifteen” along with eight variations of “pymtheg“. Welsh sometimes has many words for one word in English e.g., “Os gwelwch yn dda” is “Please”, and sometimes one word will cover a phrase in English e.g., “Llu” means “a large number of people”; however, “Llu” is usually appended to “Hedd” which means “Peace” to make “Heddlu” which means “Police”. Welsh is extremely irregular and spelling Welsh is next to impossible. But it’s all a fun way of exercising my mind while learning my ancestral language. And it was especially fun to get a “You’ve earned 666 XP today!”

Honey Perfume

35 thoughts on “Diafol in the Duo

  1. Sounds like a very complex language, Timothy. Most everyone seems is familiar with the triple six meaning. Apparently, some thought your ideas for planning way off course? Sometimes, I can’t see any logic in the way streets and other things are laid out the way they are in Las Vegas. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

    • It had nothing to do with my planning per se. A long timer wanted to do an illegal subdivision and have it grandfathered in under the new zoning laws just because she had lived in the village most of her life. She thought that she had the board convinced. I argued that it was illegal, inconsistent, and unjustifiable for the board to approve her subdivision when we had just denied a person from California’s proposal to subdivide is land, because, like hers, it didn’t meet the zoning code. I turned the whole board around and we voted down her subdivision in a unanimous decision. She was pissed, to say the least. After yelling at me, cursing up a storm at me, and telling me I used to be such a nice boy (I didn’t know who she was talking about at that point), she told me I was the Antichrist. I’ve been proud of it ever since.

  2. Hahaha… this reminds me of the number plate I refused for my car because of the diabolic combination. πŸ˜‰

  3. I barely understood the post. Had to read it twice. I could use some brain pencil sharpening, myself!
    The Welsh is a bit evasive.
    However, 666…. I understand!
    999 & 666, we could have a great time!
    Honey Perfume is spectacular!

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