52 thoughts on “I Got It Covered

    • Hi John. With the intense sun we only get a year or two out of the covers. We have a lot of desert green.

    • Thanks, Inchcock. Fortunately, no bruises, but I did get a cut which was a bit of a bloody mess. Aches and pains all over.

  1. I assume your feline supervisors kept an eye on the flow of your work. “That’s long enough on break, Price.” Does your grill have a place under the cover? 🙂

    • Hi David. When I cut out the trumpet vine and the cuttings were blocking the steps and door, the kitties were quite confused. At one point Marble was on the roof while I was on the ladder, and she a very surprised to see me at roof level. They were much better after I got all the cutings cleared out and the deck swept. The grill is where it is all the time. It’s well-weathered, and rebuild many times over. I can’t find a grill that size now, so I just keep rebuilding it. It’s almost 20 years old.

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