82 thoughts on “Sunset Moon

    • Thanks, Gabriela. We saw a friend on the levee tonight who said the owlets were at mile marker 2.6. That’s quite a bit south of mile marker 3.0 where we have been seeing them.

      • They are adventurous. They are still close by and staying in the general area. I think we will see them from time to time through the summer.

      • They have not left, but they will eventually. We have fewer owls now than a couple of years ago. The number of critters of any kind out here goes up and down from year to year. It’s a difficult environment out here. They have to flollow the food supplies.

      • Mama and dady owls will stay around and have more owlets next year.

      • Yay! I did not know that. That’s wonderful. So we are going to get a new set of owlets. You made my day. Thank you Timothy. Enjoy your weekend. My best to everyone 🤗

      • I’ll bet, Timothy. Sometimes epic shots are only epic in person and don’t make it through the camera into shots. These certainly did. I can only imagine how much more epic they were in person.

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