Landscapes and Art Gown Trees

Sandias with a wild sky at sunset.
Art Gown model Dale’s Peachtree.

You can visit Dale’s blog at

Cool clouds over the bosque.
Art Gown Model Marina’s Incognito Peartree.

You can visit Marina’s blog at

A cloud pierced by a contrail.
Art Gown model and Art Gown creator Resa’s Cottonwood Tree in silhouette.

You can visit Resa’s blog at

Clouds before the storm. We had quite a windstorm with a spot of rain about 30 minutes after I took this photo this afternoon.
Art Gown model Holly’s Tangle-Heart Tree.

You can visit Holly’s blog at

61 thoughts on “Landscapes and Art Gown Trees

  1. Awh! This is just the best Timothy. Such beautiful scenes and the amazing trees you’ve gifted the art models. So lush and gorgeous. I have a preference for the Tangle Heart Tree but they are all awesome. You are too amazingly generous and fun too. Thank you Timothy we all have a soft spot in our hearts for you and those lovely trees.

    • Thank you, Holly. Your Tangle-Heart tree is an especially magical tree, but all the Art Gown trees are special. As are the models’ adventures in Resa’s wonderful Art Gowns. Of course, there is little to compare to your beautiful poetry, Dale’s stories and Marina’s music. We all create fun and excitement in the blogosphere.

      • So true Tim, so much talent in the sphere it’s amazing. Fortunately for Resa and PBH the tangle tree with your generosity has helped to save the world so she’s special for sure. 😊 I’ll bet there a bird nest in there!

    • I’m happy you liked them, Gabriela. Thanks for stopping by. Give Maya a hug and a kiss for me.

      • Were always happy to get kitty hugs and kisses. Lola is purring.

      • I haven’t told Lola that Maya is a cat. Lola doesn’t like cats, even though she’s a cat. She loves people. Spunk, on the other hand, loves women, sort of tolerates men, but he like other boy kitties. Spunk, Silver and Loki have a boy’s club, although they’ve been having spats over who’s top boy cat lately. Spunk doesn’t like girl kitties. He’s funny that way.

      • Wow. So happy to learn more about everyone. Maya loves people too. She is indifferent when it comes to cats and even dogs. Spunk loves women 💕 you guys are all great. I am in awe with your love for everyone and with the beauty you capture.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. I figure people might be curious about the Art Gown models. They are very talented and creative women with cool blogs.

  2. Ah, the Art Gown trees… all in such breathtaking environments and how fortunate am I to have my own incognito tree!!!!!! As a a fan of clouds I enjoyed all of them so much, however that contrail piercing the cloud blew me away! 🙂 Spectacular captures, Tim!

  3. Those clouds are spectacular! And the trees do grow in a artistic form.
    How thoughtful to share other blogs on your site. Thank you.

  4. Wow!!!
    Nice Art Gowns Models Trees display! I love it!!!
    Thank you so much, Tim! 💋(That one is for you, not Spunkie-poo)

  5. Oh wow, Tim! Your images are breathtaking! Gorgeous all around.
    And the model’s trees… I am beyond blessed to be counted amongst these fabulous women. Thank you so much for the gifting of my peach tree!

  6. I wouldn’t believe these were captured in the Earth 😱😍🤩 Is our planet really THIS beautiful? All I get to see everyday is buildings, a lot of buildings, vehicles and a lot of vehicles 😅 In awe at nature’s beauty and your other-worldly photography skills!

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