54 thoughts on “Adventure in Copper

  1. Synchronicity! Eight or so years ago (maybe more) I planted bearded iris bulbs in this exact color at The Holler. They never bloomed. Until now. I took photos of them yesterday, but haven’t looked at them yet.

    • Hi Cindy. That’s interesting. We got these Iris from the local Iris society when they had one of their fundraising sales some years ago. Ours bloom every year, but some of the Iris where this one is were disturbed a couple of weeks ago by a Comcast crew burying cable. Some of the iris that were disturbed started to bloom and then didn’t bloom. This copper Iris started not to bloom, but I gave it extra water and it recovered.

    • Thanks, Puzzleblume. I was thinking of canyons, but the flowing edges of flamenco skirts is a great description.

    • Hi Charlotte. Purple are a standard color for iris. Whe have purple, white, blue, red, pink, cream and black iris. The black iris end up dark purple because of the intense sunshine at our altitude.

  2. Now this is just silly gorgeous! I saw some tulips a few days ago.
    Just sent the Peach Tree to Dale! I’m so excited that there are now 4 magic trees!

    • It is a gorgeous color. Dale just commented on copper iris and we are now following each other. Your Johnny cat is adorable. Thanks, Resa.

  3. What a stunning colour for an iris! You have captured her beauty well.

    And may I say thank you for the Peach Tree? I am beyond chuffed that I have one now (I’m still in awd of being included in Resa’s models)

    • Thanks, Teagan. Iris are not my favorite, but they do make really good subjects for photos.

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