Buckeye and the Painted Lady

A buckeye butterfly with nice edges.
Painted lady with very clean edges.
Buckeye that is a little ragged around the edges.
Sharp and clean.
Rough and rugged.
A tail in this tale of butterflies on purple salvia.
Bottoms up and tally-ho I got my purple salvia!

50 thoughts on “Buckeye and the Painted Lady

  1. Beautiful photos Timothy! Butterflies are so amazing. I remember being inside the butterfly house or whatever it was called, in Key West years ago. It was so wonderful to watch so many butterflies silently fluttering about high above inside the large glass dome.

    • Thanks, Susan. I don’t know if we’ll get scads of painted ladies again, but I’ve seen quite a few already.

    • Thanks, Holly. I’m waiting to see if we get hundreds of Painted Ladies on the salvia. It’s really fun to lie in the salvia and watch them flying all around. It’s really hard to get a photo that looks anything like what I see.

      • Oh my , that is sublime Timothy. I didn’t realize that is a video, your guitar adds the perfect touch to make this absolutely ethereal. You’ve blown me away with this, beautiful beyond my words!

      • Thanks, Holly. You are too kind. I didn’t put the video first. That makes it easy to miss.

      • I’m happy you got to see it. I have various posts on my T&L blog I’ve been thinking I should probably post on WP. Although I think I’ll update some of the parody videos before I post them on WP. I just need to make the time to do it.

      • I hope you do. You have the most entertaining blog Timothy, you’re so talented. I hope you can find the time, wed all love that!

  2. Lovely post, I don’t remember who said it but they say that what the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls the butterfly.

      • Embrace the butterfly. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know the butterfly. Know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to divinely exotic and feminine energies. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Wonderful captures, Timothy!
    The Buckeye is amazing with the three different pairs of eyes on its wings, a butterfly, I did not know by now.
    The Painted Lady is common here, but not resident: a traveller coming from North Africa and South Europe each year in early summer, staying for about two further generations, who later in Autumn will head back South.

    • Thanks, Puzzleblume. Both the buchey and the painted ladies just pass through here on the way somewhere else.

  4. Hi Tim, if it’s not too much trouble, can I get a copy of the one you’ve labeled “Rough and Rugged” in the right aspect ratio for my phone? I love all the riotous color in that one.

  5. Wow I did get an education here today, Tim. I was under the impression what you are calling butterflies are moths, due to their hairy bodies. I now will have to take a closer look this year. We don’t have butterflies yet. Soon I hope, along with the Hummingbirds. I have a “feeling” hummers will turn up this week. LOVED this post!!

  6. Beautiful, Tim! I was just admiring a monarch butterfly in my backyard. I’ve read that they can travel hundreds of miles in a day, no wonder some of their wings are tattered!

    • Thanks, Charlotte. Those designs of your must have been beautiful. Did you make any dresses with your designs?

  7. AH! It’s like a Tale of Two Cities. The rugged Buckeye is the lawyer who went to the guillotine for love. The Painted Lady is the one he did it for. Of course the Buckeye looks like the man she really loves, but he is actually another Buckeye with smooth edges.
    A Tale Of Two Butterflies!

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