41 thoughts on “Night Heron

    • Thanks, Lavinia. He flew south and then turned around and flew by me again heading north.

  1. Herons are amazing. They are fascinating in their majestic beauty. I guess the weather has warmed up and they are headed north, I donโ€™t.know if they migrate or not. Such awesome photos Timothy. Love them.

  2. Great captures and I like the Terminator quote coming with the last image. We don’t have this heron aroound here, but his long-legged cousin, the Gray Heron, often puts an end to always the biggest goldfishes and prized Kois.

    • We don’t have a lot of Heron out here, but I’ve heard in other parts of the country they can be a real problem for fish ponds. They do eat the bullfrogs out here. The bullfrogs have decimated our leopard frog population.

  3. Pteros take flight. The one that turned around, in your direction, either it objected to your photo-taking (i.e., capturing its soul) or saw you as a tasty morsel.

    Happy Mom’s Day to your Laurie. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That’s a very good question, Resa. It’s sunset when I to these shats, but I see them in broad daylight. Maybe they are supposed to be Knight Herons and no one caught the K.

      • Or Knights of the bird’s table. Or Knights of the World’s birds table. We could go on all night about knights.

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