61 thoughts on “The Persistence of Spunkery

    • HI Holly. He was asserting his insistence on being persistent. He would scratch and bite me if I touched him. Spunk is Resa’s kitty boyfriend you know?

      • I mess with Spunk at my own peril. I have lots of scratch marks from old Spunkery.

      • Now we know “who let the dogs out”. Spunk works really hard at figuring out how to turn the doorknob on the front door. He knows if he can turn the doorknob he can open the door. He puts both paws on the doorknob and tries to turn it, but he just can’t get a grip. It’s both hilarious and sad to watch.

  1. He’s like… Duuuuude. What? I’ve given you a second of my attention. C’mon. I’ve got a whole lotta nuthin’ on my agenda and you’re bugging me… (course, this is from a newcomer to your fold…)

  2. Looks like he’s not interested in what’s happening in the rest of the world. Probably a very wise decision…

    • Thanks, Angelilie. Spunk sends you kitty kisses, kitty hugs, purrs and meows. Don’t tell Resa.

    • Hi Maj & sher. We have kitties that get up on the fridge. Spunk is not one of them.

    • Spunk thinks he has a rough life, but you are right, he’s got it made. Thanks, Tiffany.

  3. Here comes Spunk. I am so sorry I did not get to greet him sooner. Hello Spunk. I hope you are ok kitty. I would like to buy something for Spunk. What kind of treats does he like?
    Timothy, he is such a handsome cat. How old is he?

    • Hi Gabriela. Spunk likes anything he can destroy, which is mostly everything. Spunk is 6 years old. Our cat dealer gave him to us when he was a cute, ornery little kitten in 2014.

      • Good morning Timothy. He is certainly a handsome 6 years old. I was thinking treats. You know like those cats cannot get enough of it. Maya liked salmon. She gets her treats after she gets her medication. What kind of flavor for Spunk?

      • Spunk is funny. He does not go for treats. As I mentioned, what he considers a treat is tearing something apart. He comes up and starts biting on the computer screen. He loves chewing and scratching up boxes. He’s a good model because he used to have a negative balance account of all the expensive things he ruined. He paid off his debt by modeling for blog posts.

    • Lola’s top cat, but Spunk is top boy cat, but Silver has been challenging him for top boy ct spot.

      • Oh dear! Is Silver bigger than Spunkie-poo 💋?
        Of course….. Lola is very, very special. No Kitty could top that!

      • Silver is bigger than Spunk, and Silver bullies are the other kitties. He and Spunk play and wrestle a lot, but sometimes they get in more serious spats.

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