Lightning Rainbow Flutters 39.1 @ 312

Handheld capture of lighting striking.
Rainbow in a window of Resa’s tree.

Black Swallowtail

(Papilio polyxenes)

Foraging flowers
Fluttering wings
Ragged and torn
Membranes stretched
Skeletal veins
Luminescent patches
Blues scatter
Iridescence seen

My “green” red Mazda MX-5 RF — 39.1 mpg (16.6 kpl) over 312 miles (502 kilometers).


22 thoughts on “Lightning Rainbow Flutters 39.1 @ 312

  1. Wonderful capture of the rainbow through the window in the tree. That poor ragged butterfly…The car is pretty amazing.

    • Thanks, Resa. I love getting great gas mileage. I know you don’t drive, but out here driving is part of daily life.

  2. I admire your lightning and butterfly photographs. After so many failures I’ve given up trying with those subjects.
    Your fuel gauge is superb design…..simple but easy to read like old aircraft cockpit gauges.

    • Thanks. Lighting is easy to do with a tripod when there is a lot of lightning activity. 1) Point your camera at the area were lightning is striking. 2) Get the lens to focus on something at infinity, and lock the focus. 3) Set your lens to ƒ/16 or higher, set the shutter on Bulb, hold the shutter open, and wait for lightning to strike. 4) Close the shutter after lightning strikes. 5) Repeat for more lighting shots.

      Lightning is like a strobe flash, therefore, you need to have the lens stopped down so the photo doesn’t become overexposed from having the shutter open while waiting for lighting to strike.

      The way I did this lightning shot, and others that were hand held, is I look through the lens with my finger on the shutter release, pressing it halfway. The moment I see a strike, I press the shutter in hopes of getting the strike that often follows the first strike. This photo is the second strike. This method ends up with a lot of shots with no lightning.

  3. Love that rainbow through the trees. Seeing the lightning is a powerful reminder of how incredible nature can be. It’s fascinating! Then you see the small wonders of the butterfly in contrast and it all comes together beautifully. Lets not forget the awesomeness of the MX-5. I know y’all are still having a blast! 🙂 Wishing each of you a really wonderful week ahead!

  4. What a stunning contrast this butterfly makes on the purple flower. I love way it’s wings look rough. They are so amazing and delicate! I also love how you included your car instruments at the end. It doesn’t have many miles on it. Wow

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