Coyotes on the Run

I was walking back from Beaver Point, when I almost got sideswiped by a coyote that came flying out of the bushes, and ran across the trail about a foot in front of me, before it quickly disappeared in the bushes on the other side of the trail. It came by too fast and too close for me to photograph it. However, another coyote soon followed at break neck speed, but it was farther away, so I was able to get one shot of it as it crossed the trail and leaped into the brush leaving a puff of dust behind on take off. A third coyote ran out of the brush onto the edge of the levee on its way across the trail into the weeds. I was able to get three shots of the third coyote before it got swallowed up by the brush. I don’t know what they were running from, but they were running at full speed.