Coyotes on the Run

I was walking back from Beaver Point, when I almost got sideswiped by a coyote that came flying out of the bushes, and ran across the trail about a foot in front of me, before it quickly disappeared in the bushes on the other side of the trail. It came by too fast and too close for me to photograph it. However, another coyote soon followed at break neck speed, but it was farther away, so I was able to get one shot of it as it crossed the trail and leaped into the brush leaving a puff of dust behind on take off. A third coyote ran out of the brush onto the edge of the levee on its way across the trail into the weeds. I was able to get three shots of the third coyote before it got swallowed up by the brush. I don’t know what they were running from, but they were running at full speed.

38 thoughts on “Coyotes on the Run

    • Hi Ron. I think they were running from a roadrunner out of hell saying “Beep! Beep! My ass you Wiley Coyotes!”.

  1. Wow! This no doubt had your heart thumping…but how very cool is that?!? I’m surprised you captured any photos at all, given their speed.

    • Thanks, Jet. I’ve learned to be quick, but it’s still really hard to be quick enough with fast moving coyotes.

  2. That was interesting! I like your comment re: roadrunner chasing them, but I wonder if you have any other thoughts. I ‘m glad one of them didn’t knock you over.

    • Hi Susan – the natural predator to a coyote is a wolf, possibly a mountain lion too. I would presume a wolf hybrid would scare a coyote too. Since wolves are a rarity in NM, as they are here in Colorado, I would say maybe they saw a mountain lion. If not mountain lion, maybe a big buck (deer) could scare them. If you have deer visitors, there is a good chance a big cat is not far behind.

      • Hi David. There is a mountain lion that comes up to our area, but I think they were spooked by a couple of families and their dogs. I’ve never heard of dear coming down into the valley, but we do get bears every now and then.

    • Hi Susan. I believe it was a couple of families with young children and dogs walking on the levee making a lot of noise that spooked the coyotes. The families came along soon afterward and I asked if there dogs were chasing coyotes. They had not seen the coyotes.

  3. I used to hate them, they killed a lot of my pets when I lived in the country. But I do have respect for them, they are just trying to survive, we are pushing them out of their territories with our overflowing housing developments, where are they to go? They deserve life as much as we do.

    • Hi Tiffany. A biologist friend said coyotes are the cockroaches among the mammals. I thought that was a really good description for coyotes.

    • Hi Narine. They are not very dangerous. Coyotes and small and weak compared to wolves.

  4. Very cool! I think I would have been wondering if whatever they were running from was going to come after me as the slow prey that got left behind. 🙂

  5. Wow he was making dust for sure! He looks kinda skinny. We have coyotes here too but I never see them. I did hear when the mom had pups. Sometimes at night she brings them up close in the field behind the house. I can hear them barking. LOL Needless to say I don’t let Angel out then. 😀

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