32 thoughts on “Just Hanging

  1. Spunk appears somewhat annoyed. Is that because the other kitty is in the spot Spunk wanted?

  2. Seeing these, and sadness at no longer having Lady and Cyril to play with and talk to came over me, Tim. But the memories are still delightful. Contented casuality in cats. TTFNski, Sir.

      • Birds are very entertaining. Especially parrots like African Greys and Cockatoos, but those birds are expensive and live a long time. Hamsters are not much fun, unless you’re a kinky time.

      • Could you imagine me trying to clean-up after a bird, Tim? If I had a hampster, which is of interest to me, the Aliens, Ghosts, Weevils and Whoopsiedangeplops would soon rid me of one. Haha!

      • True. A cat would be much easier, and would help take car of you.

      • Therapeutic, like Lady and Cyril were, Sir. And much missed, sadly. Ah, well, I must get on with Josie’s meal.
        TTFNski, Tim.

  3. I can’t get enough of these cuties 🙂 Spunk looks like he definitely has world domination and revenge on his mind at the moment! 😹

    • I need to make more hammocks, but I need to figure out a way for the kitties to get to them once they are hung. We keep lots of boxes around so that makes the kitties who are waiting a turn for a hammock happy to have boxes to lie in or on.

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