Green Red Car


I have a “green” red sports car that really rocks. On the first full tank of gas, of mostly in-town driving, my MX-5 averaged 37.7 miles per gallon over 304.5 miles. I think that is a very respectable average MPG , but I thought I would get some reactions from a few of our local critters. Silver was unimpressed and couldn’t be bothered from his nap to say one way or the other what he thought about it. Surprisingly, however, the jumping spiders got very excited about it, as did a beetle.


Mouse over the critters to see what they had to say.

26 thoughts on “Green Red Car

  1. My expertise is about the same as Silver’s, so I am going to assume that is good gas mileage. Probably better than my 2005 Saturn Vue, but I still love my car!

    • Thanks, Tiffany. It’s way better than my RX-8 gets, but RX-8’s are not known for good gas mileage.

  2. Your dream car is great! I love all the critter images and their “responses.” Fun macro stuff.

  3. Oh I could not look at the spider! Loved all the responses but just could not look at the spider! I was bit by a brown recluse spider last week. It was horrible! It hurt so very badly. I’m on the mend… but it was scary for a little bit.

    • Where did you run into a brown recluse? That’s too bad. Happy to hear you’re on the mend.

      • Right here in my yard in a Pennsylvania. I didn’t see it, didn’t feel it until 24 hours later! The Doctor said I had a textbook case. It was painful and it was ugly.

      • That’s no fun at all. It’s too dry up here for brown recluses. We have lots of black widows, but black widow bites are very rare.

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