Ant Fest Breakfast

There was an ant fest on one of the dishes waiting to be washed this morning. A daddy longlegs set up a web int the path of the ants and was getting quite a haul before I had to wreck its web to wash the dishes.

Either Guildenstern has figured out how to transport himself through walls or he has a secret tunnel in the catio that he hasn’t told the other kitties about; because he’s been outside three mornings and this afternoon without either of us letting him out. As a matter of fact, he came in this morning and was meowing at the door and acting pitiful before we left and I told him “Just go outside, since you seem to have a way out!”  Sure enough, when we got home this evening all the cats were in except Guildenstern, who was sitting on a chair on the deck  with his paws crossed.

Dew at Dawn

The dew was beautiful as the sun came of the mountains. I got home at dusk and photographed the cleared land without the tractors and trucks.  I had the crew push over a cottonwood that was getting old and brittle since there was nothing for it to crash into but the ground. Pushing it over takes up the roots and all so we don’t have to grind out the stump. A couple of the guys from the crew are going cut up and haul off the tree, and trim dead branches out of some of our other cotton woods.

Last Curtain

I dreamed the houses were still standing last night. I was looking looking out our window and could see them clearly, in every detail, but I knew they were gone. I would look the other way and then look back, and they were still there like ghosts haunting my dreams. I knew I must be dreaming, yet it all looked so real. Then I was standing outside with Tristan looking at a mini VW bus they had pulled in. I was telling her “We are trying to get rid of junk, not acquire more junk!” I remembered I photographed the curtain in the casita, and it seemed a fitting representative of the house’s ghost.

The demo crew are down to one pile of rubble from the houses and a couple of piles of stuff that was laying around, so I think they will be done tomorrow.

I had over 3500 junk mails in my inbox at work this morning. It was mostly architectural, construction and management related junk mail with only a few for Russian brides, miracle weight loss, space bags, penny auctions, taco shell shapers and things like that. It took me awhile to separate out the legit mail from the junk.

Cattle Loader

This cattle loader has been at the top of our road for as long as I can remember, so I’m sure it’s older than I am. I don’t remember ever seeing cattle loaded with it, but I do remember Doctor Salvasi running cattle on the 16 acres just south of us. I was working on the road and clearing weeds along the road when I noticed sunset with the rays of light streaming through the clouds.

Our bathroom remodel is getting sabotaged at every turn. First I had to return the tankless hot water heater because our water is too hard. Then we found a linoleum we liked at Lowe’s, but when I went to order it tonight, we discovered it’s been discontinued. So now we have to find another linoleum we like, or another type of suitable floor covering. One place in Albuquerque had their stock of linoleum on line, but none of it looked appealing. Laurie doesn’t want the stone, ceramic or marble tile because she thinks it’s too cold and hard. We have oak parquet floors throughout the rest of the house, and super plush carpet in the bedroom, but a wood floor just doesn’t seem right for the bathroom, and carpet in the bathroom would be just plain silly. Now that I have a new hot water heater installed, the floor covering is the next step, but I don’t want to start taking out cabinets and fixtures until I have the floor covering in hand and ready to install.

Window Flowers


The lead photo was taken on Monday afternoon when Susan and I were walking around taking the last photos of the houses before their demolition. Susan took a wonderful photo of the same flowers from inside the room. There was a 1980 calendar laying next to the vase that she got in her photo. They’re all just memories now — a lifetime for me, 30 years for Laurie, only this century for Susan, but we bothered to record it, and took the time to watch as the layers of time were peeled back and demolished, unfolding for our imaginations the history of the houses and the land.

The photo of the clouds reflecting in our glass top table is our current view from the deck without the roof top and antennas in the background. Now we are going to explore the possibility of getting the power moved, so we can take down the power pole. Taboo poked a cane through the trumpet vine and akebia, and I found the Preying Mantis on the little chiminea when I was out cutting back the black bamboo at sunrise.








Communal Sunflower

We spent most of the day clearing sunflowers, tall grasses, trees and black bamboo used to block the view of the houses we had torn down. Now that they are down we are clearing out most of the tall stuff so that we will have an unobstructed view of the cleared property, cottonwoods and Sandias.

We left some of the Mammoth sunflowers and other fancy ones. I noticed a bumblebee, other bees and beetles were all sharing the same sunflower. The first Monarch I’ve seen this year fluttered around me and then landed just long enough for me to get a photo before it took flight again and disappeared over the bamboo.