40 thoughts on “R & P

  1. What a fantastic bonanza of Rs and Ps, Timothy, and the sky photos are breathtaking. I heard myself gasp when I came to that second cloud photo. Thank you.

  2. That is a beautiful example of virga from that cloud, Tim. Your rose images are lovely! The ones in pots on the porch away from deer here have buds now.

    • Those deer can be pesky. People in town have problems with deer. I’ve seen them on the east side of the river, but never on the west bank. Thanks, Lavinia.

  3. The Magic Tree Sanctuary, and the Flower Power Haven!
    I have an idea for flowers! It’s a bit away (34 posts away & 6 Boogapony drawings)xo

      • Yeah… I like to inspire myself.
        I’m all excited about my 1500 post gala hosted by Boogapony! (she’s a flower power child)

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