A Noble Beast

I was out visiting with Osric and Nora Owls (the owlets pretty much ignored me) when I saw two coyotes on the top of the levee and six or more on the lower part of the levee on the other side of the ditches running at top speed. I was trying to catch the action through the trees when this coyote stopped like, “Whoa! Paparazzo on the prowl. I better look my best!” She stopped and gave me her best noble beast look. Then I saw a couple on the top of the levee and yelled over to them and asked if they had seen the coyotes. They said one coyote ran out of the clearwater ditch, and then eight coyotes started chasing it like they were trying to kill it. I thought the coyote that was in the ditch might have caught something, and the others wanted to take it from him. Ms. Noble Beast doesn’t look like she’s been missing many meals.

Osric Owl snoozed behind a tangle and then enjoyed the sunset.

Nora Owl gave me a squint like Clint! “Is that Bazooka going to make me look fat?”

Eye of Owlet

Psst! Don’t look now, but there’s that stupid paparazzo on the ditch bank again.

As I was heading home, I heard my name being called. One of the Alpacas had its head stuck in the fence. I walked back, and sure enough, there was one of the Alpacas with its head through one of the wire squares in the fence, looking very stuck and rather sad. We tried to help the Alpaca get his head back through the fence, and as we pushed back, he pushed forward. He was stubborn. Meanwhile, two coyotes were on the top of the levee watching our goings-on with great interest. After we stretched the wire apart as much as possible, we gave up, stood back on the ditch bank, and watched the Alpaca. After a few minutes of not getting any more attention, it pulled its head back through the wire. I think it was acting stuck to get attention.

While we were talking, Osric flew over into the bosque, and I grabbed this shot of him.

By the time I got back to our property after all the ditch bank drama, it was dark. I got a shot of Venus and The Pleiades with my 70-200mm zoom lens. Venus and The Pleiades are too far apart to get them in the frame with the Bazooka.

45 thoughts on “A Noble Beast

  1. Your description of “in the Bosque” brings back so many good memories from the years gone by. 🙂
    The coyote looks healthier than any I have seen recently.
    Your owl shot are spectacular as always.

    • Thanks, Susan. I think the coyote thought she looked rather good and healthy herself. The bosque is still producing good memories.

  2. You’re right! Ditch bank drama all the way!
    The owls look healthy.
    The coyote is strikingly handsome. It looks like it would make an adorable pet.
    I bet the Mama & Papa Owls knew who you were. I’ll bet it made them content, in an owl way.
    Okay…. going to go draw! xo

  3. That’s quite a story! I wonder what the coyote in the ditch had that the others wanted so badly. Ms. Noble Beast seems very satisfied with herself.

    • She was happy with hereslf. There are fish, ducks, muscrat and other birds in the ditch, so it could have been of those. I couldn’t see the coyotes on the loww bank very well. Thanks, Arthit.

  4. That’s a lot of critters. We actually have a family if caumyotes living in a park near ne. Hurricane Ian chased them out. They’ve been going after small animals !

  5. What a trip into the wild you had, Tim. The opening shots of the coyote capture the regalness I’ve heard in the stories by our local Umatilla/Cayuse tribes outside of my hometown. Farmers and ranchers don’t care much for them, but I am fascinated. My favorite shot is the second to the end, with Osric through the tree branches… perfect lighting/focus and those eyes 🙂

    • Thanks, Randall. The owl was basking in the dim light of dusk after he flew into the bosque.

  6. I enjoy these tales of the bosque and the critters that live there. The photos are beautiful, Tim. You seem to get a lot of cooperation from your subjects. My favorite composition is the dark owl branches against the smoky golden sunset background. Nice catch.

  7. Gorgeous shots of the Coyote and Nora – very intrigued as to what those doggies were up to .. maybe didn’t appreciate a rival coyote gang member cruising through their neighborhood. I do think you were played by that Alpaca … drawing you in close to spit on you ha.

    • No spit, but it liked the appention. could well have been a new coyote in the hood. Thanks, Brian.

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