62 thoughts on “Faceless Sunflower

  1. So you got a good snow down there! Glenda looks like she is having fun leaving tracks in it. It was barely 30 degrees but clear up here this morning, but got into the lower 60s this afternoon. Morning was cloudless, and I saw the waning crescent moon low in the southeast sky. It is overcast now, rain returning by tomorrow sometime.

    • Glenda was proud of herself. We had maybe an inch of snow. Anything helps out here. it was 30 this morning. Mid-40s this afternoon. Clearing up now, but clouds are supposed to move back in. Thanks, Lavinia.

  2. Green with envy about your tulips. Growing through the snow even.
    Ours totally shriveled out… Maybe we can try importing some snow to Mexico?
    (And exporting sun back North?)

    • We normally have a lof of sun. We are only 225 miles north of Mexico. We have had less than an inch of rain so far this year. Thanks, Brian.

      • North of the border? I can imagine it can be dry… Wasn’t there a Credence song about the rain? I forget the title.
        have a nice week.end…

      • The song is “Have You Ever Seen The Rain?” We don’t see it much out here. As I was telling Dale, we got a 1/2 inch of precipitation this week. That’s 5 times the amount of precipitation we got in February.

      • Thanks for the title. A nice song.
        1/2 inch? Not much indeed.
        Here, we’re waiting for the rainy season starting in May-June…

      • Is St Patrick’s Day a thing where you are? All the partiers love it out here. Green beer, yuck! Wearing green, terrible on most everything but plants, trees and grass, and acting stupid. I prefer celebrating it with photos.

      • Well if you are a Dundonian then you will count Irish ancestors that came in the famine in your tree. A lot of my mum’s did, although her father was Highland in his . But it’s not a big thing here . Maybe like that cos of what you say re green….

    • It wasn’t really cold this morning as compared to Wednesday and Thursday morning, but it was below freezing when I got up this morning. Thanks, Geoff.

    • Seems that way. Although we have been known to get snow at the end of May. That may seem incredible, but snow happens. Sometimes. Thanks, Herman.

    • Not really. We’ve had heavy snowfall at the end of May. We are at 5000 feet, so the weather can be quite fickle. Thanks, Liz.

      • According to the altimeter on my phone I’m sitting at 5103 feet above sea level at the moment. I think the official altitude is something like 4998 feet above sea level.

    • I think they the sunflowers were having a snowball fight. It’s the natural think to do when it snows. Thanks, Heidi.

  3. Yikes, didn’t expect to see snow there this late- we had some flurries, but it has now given way to torrents of rain. What does Glenda think of the white sticky stuff?

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